They Are Doubling Down On The Mandates (Must Watch Video)

in #life9 months ago

It keeps getting crazier out there and there is no telling how many people will lose their jobs over non compliance with mandates that aren't legally sound and don't actually make any logical sense.

If anyone at this point doesn't realize this is primarily some large cash grab / control scam I don't know what to tell you.

Even after it seems like a lot of people who are vaccinated are getting the virus and oftentimes it seems like they get it worse than those who have natural immunity.

It seems to be getting very weird in Europe as well. Countries pretty much trying to force people into it or essentially make them a second class citizen.

Remember a few weeks ago they kept blaming the fact that vaccinated people were getting the virus on the unvaccinated?

Basically blaming the failure of a product on the people who didn't buy into the product. Very strange


It breaks my heart watching this video and it gets me so frustrated and so angry at what is going on in this world.
I believe that there is one good thing about all this, well nothing is good of what is happening and innocent people are dying unnececarily, is yhat a lot of people are waking up and realizing that we can't trust our money hungry, govermnents or the health, media and pharma industries.

It really is sad and you are right.....they can't be trusted and finally people are waking up some. Oddly enough some countries more than others. I get the feeling the resistance in Australia and New Zealand is smaller. The roar is getting louder in the United States.
Looking at the YouTube comments gives me hope.