Mosquito repellent liquid vs. tablet

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Mosquitoes can be a nuisance, and sometimes an unbearable one, so buying a mosquito repellent product can prove to be an effective solution in fighting this problem. 

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However, if you visit a supermarket and go to the section where mosquito repellent products are displayed for sale, you will notice that you are spoilt for choice.  

There are so many brands that it’s hard to say which one has the best result, unless you try them yourself. 

Personally, I used to buy mosquito repellent tablets in the past, but thinking that a mosquito repellent liquid would be more effective and practical to use, I changed to buying them over tablets. 

At first, I saw some good results in fighting the mosquito problem. However, when things became worse, i.e. when the weather turned hotter and mosquitoes multiplied, a mosquito repellent liquid seemed to lose its effectiveness all of a sudden, and leave the occasional couple of mosquitoes do their job, which is biting people. 

Immediately, I decided to change over to using a mosquito repellent tablet rather than a liquid. I could use the same devices, since they came in a 2-in-1 set, which could be used for both a liquid and a tablet, either alternatively or at the same time. 

The results of using tablets were experienced immediately, as they managed to effectively keep mosquitoes away, not being affected by the fact that I had windows open in the night because of high summer temperatures. 

So I learned my lesson, and next time, when it comes to buying a mosquito repellent product from the supermarket shelf, I will definitely go for tablets, although I have already bought 60 tablets that were contained in a single package, which, I believe, will last me for quite a long time. 

What is your experience with using mosquito repellent products?