Always Protect Yourself...Or Else! – a Story by Courtney Warner

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Hello Steemians! It's me Courtney and this will now be my first post after my introduction. I must say I am very addicted to this platform already! Anyway, I'm going to switch gears here, and talk about why it is utmost important, that you get an agent, while trying to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

One day, in 2012 my life changed forever.... I was working at a place called LiveBait in NYC, this is of course before I met Charlie Shrem. Anyway, I had a friend (or so I thought) that had this advertising agency. (I should have known by the name but to each his own) Anyway, she bar-tended there part time and worked for this advertising agency by day. Fast forward she knew I was pursuing dance and modeling at the time, and needed girls to do this so called tour. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. It's an itinerary that was going to 45 cities across the country. I signed a contract with 4 reputable companies. What we would be doing is going around dancing and modeling and getting the word out to vote.

The tour started in NYC, Washington DC and more. It started that 5 hopefully from around the world, were staying at the Westin Grand Hotel, fancy huh? We went to all of these events. I even met Angie Harmon, at this red carpet event so everything was kosher then. Right? Or so I thought. I talked to this reputable company, and they asked when I was leaving I told them "Oh we are leaving tomorrow." Well, that should have been another red flag because we were told "we need to get some things in order and we weren't leaving until the next day." This so called tour lasted for about a week, even lying to our parents where we were so they wouldn't worry, we just wanted this tour to happen. Then five girls go down from the Westin Grand Hotel with a tour bus, that are now in Silver Springs Maryland motel! 5 girls sharing foot long subs between each other because we were broke from a contract that we weren't getting paid from, etc.

Finally we got some answers, and the CEO of our company we were representing, said "We really appreciate you girls sticking it out, we are going to treat you to a nice dinner." I'm thinking it's about time. Now things are working out! We are finally leaving! So, I get in the car with the CEO and 2 other guys and we stop at this persons house, while I stayed in the car. Then they come out and we are on our way. As we are driving I see we are getting pulled over, I said to the CEO " Uh guys we are getting pulled over, they kept driving!! Then I heard one of the other guys say "Fuck we are going to jail! I said "What!? "Why"? I start to well up with tears and my heart just stops, with the biggest lump in my throat. Turns out the CEO was under surveillance for 2 weeks!

Here, it turns out there was $20,000 worth of drugs in the car I was in and I HAD NO IDEA! we finally pulled over got held at gunpoint! I had no idea what was going on! I just thought I was going on a dream tour to help my career! Long story short we were hauled away, were interrogated, even the police force thought that we were prostitutes because of the area that we were staying in. We proved we were just innocent young girls that just thought we had our break, and we were free to go.

This is why ladies and gentlemen GET AN AGENT, that could have been a lot worse. We could have been raped or killed. If I had an agent all of that could have been avoided. The contract would have been proven to have not been legit, they could do some research on the logistics of the tour, when we were leaving, etc. and I would have gotten paid what we were promised! Thanks for hearing my story. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but it is crucial that you protect yourself! Thanks for reading🙂

Courtney Marie Warner


Wow! Crazy story, glad you made it out of there OK! Who knows what would have continued to happen if you didn't get pulled over.

I agree, good comment. you earned an upvote for it and a follow from me in order to stay in touch. Thank goodness that they were stopped by police and safe...

Thats what I tell her too!

I guess you live and you learn... Thanks for everything you have done to contribute to and advance the Bitcoin/Crypto community Charlie. You're a hero to a lot of us! Keep on being great!

He is all of our heroes:)

I know right @jeffagoe it was scary, but it makes me who I am today:)

Like your detailed story. Glad to know more about you. Thanks for your sharing!

Thanks @kitkat, following you.

Sounds like a great opening chapter to your life story. With you connections to showbizness I'm sure the rest of the book will be just as good as the beginning, maybe even better. You should post more pictures of yourself, might help get you into the entertainment business.

@jamie-smith tons of stories to share. Yes, I am already in the entertainment business legit. I have an agent now:)

That's some really intense stuff. My wife, @justicepirate, volunteers as a human resources and social media person with anti-trafficking group in northern New Jersey (Justice Network). I can't even begin to tell you how many stories like yours end up much, much worse. As scary as the ordeal probably was it sounds like you were all saved a much scarier future.

yes @robsteady it was very scary. When you are young and naive it's hard to do differently you know? When you would do anything for that big break or so you thought.

interesting story :) followed ya <3

What a story.. thanks Godness that you made it t safe . I send in my support by upvoting your post and following you in order to read more and send in my support-always. Lets stay in touch and be safe, keep steeming.

thanks for the upvote @charles1

welcome and stay in touch

So so true....A friend and I used to be into film acting (commercials and indie films) in our early 20's and we saw a lot of crazy stuff.

Guys pretending to be directors borrowing nice equipment and seeing just how many nude shots they could get from desperate girls wanting to break into the acting was disgusting.

I even know a couple guys that say they were almost gang raped by men that actually were film directors. You definitely can't be too careful in that business.

A good agent you can trust = worth its weight in gold.

very awesome strength and more faith. inspired. n u r very pretty. anywayz great story.

thank you @zlacee what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

yes of course sweeti.
life aint more fun witout fears. hahaha""
anyways u r so sweet of.

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I hope young girls and boys will read your story, unfortunately there is numerous stories like that. Take care of yourself dear!

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Huh. You're probably lucky it ended up that way. No telling what those assholes had in store for you girls. Glad you're OK.

wow it's upnormal story
thank you for sharing it

There's a reason why parents worry about their kids when they go off to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. I hope this doesn't stop you from moving forward with your dream but remember this disaster will only help you to go further and become wiser. Good Luck to you!

What a story! I am sorry to read about the ordeal you and the other girls had to go through. It is a shame that people try to exploit young talented artists. I am glad that you came out of it relatively unscathed. Thanks for sharing. I am sure it will guide a lot of young Steemians about life. Upvoted and followed

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Crazy story right there, yep "get an agent"!

thank you for sharing

This is amazing, thank you so much for your insightful story. This information is invaluable. <3

@alainite that is my purpose of telling my story, so it helps people be more aware. Thanks for reading:)

Great advice learned from an incredibly frightening story!

Wooh.. how could they do that...that's shameful. I'm glad you made out..
I understand what you have gone through and thank God, see what you have become.. I mean that's applaudable. I'm happy for your success. I have read your introduction and I loved it.

Have you even noticed that I have commented here.

Your story is very touching, thank God is even the police that caught you guys, who knows what they are planning to do to you girls. Having an agent or manager to stand for you in any deal will save you from many trouble, even if is costly, it is still better than risking it. Nice content. I realy enjoy your story. Keep it coming .

Thanks @hynet your words are kind:)

Your welcome

Nice of you @courtneywarner to share this sad event. Am grateful you ladies were not hurt . if something BSD had happened what would you have told your parents when you already lied to them. Good to know you are ok and your resolve to work with an agent next time...thanks once more for sharing and glad lesson learnt...

Wow great story ....touched my heart ....talented u r @courtneywarner
And u look beautiful too

thank you @arorapuneet, it was hard rehashing this when writing it.

Great keep writing ...keep up voting

Thanks for sharing this story..I also resonate with u on the idea of an agent..
And also welcome to Steemit..:)

Yikes!! Sounds crazy! Good Advice!

Damn .. thank God you're safe

thank you bryanlai98:)

Good post for awareness. Must have been a rude awakening.

OMGosh! That is crazy, thankfully, lesson learned and you passed on great info for someone else down the line! Thank you for sharing!

definitely a lesson learned @dswigle. Scary but a rude awakening!

You have a terrible history - it's very dangerous to be trusted without a thorough check. When I was scared off somewhere to work - the bosses twittered about the life of the legendary, went out into the territory of their enterprise under the guise of smoking in a public smoking room. And there I learned all the news from simple hard workers, about the delay in wages and many other deceptions.

"Thanks for reading", you said ... Well, thanks for sharing I reply :)

History has shown us that, on extraordinarily rare occasions, it becomes necessary for the federal government to intervene on behalf of individuals whose 14th Amendment rights to legal due process and equal protection may be violated by a state
great .thanks for sharing
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Jeezo, as they say if it looks to good to be true, but as you say you thought it was your big break, you were lucky, you survived you move on and hopefully someone reads this and avoids an even worse situation. Good luck and hope things work out better next time.

@ wisbeech let's say I learned my lesson, get legitimate work, and see the money that I am owed:) I have an agent now:)


Good post, very well written. Thanks for sharing :) Keep on Steeming.

wow. I guess this is part of the reason I have stuck to the digital world of "entertainment." thanks for sharing, girl. <3

Great post! Keep it up :)
By the way, I'm following you now

Wonderfully written, I enjoyed the pictures. I was a waitress in high end restaurants for years! It was in Boston, not NYC or LA, but I swear, the richer the person, the worse we were treated. I understand how horrifying that ordeal must have been. Love!!

Wow, what a wake-up call, huh? As frightening as it was you were probably lucky the police arrived when they did. Chalk it up to life experience. It sounds like you've learned a lot from this and come a long way.

yes @winstonalden I did learn a lot.

glad nothing happened to you all, but for the record, I've heard plenty such stories over the years from jobs booked through supposedly "reputable agents" as well!

Wow that's crazy. I have heard of so many stories of girls being totally taken by what sounds like dream opportunities. It's saddens me we live in a world where we have to keep looking over our shoulders.

A story for the teen girls to learn from.

Congratulations @courtneywarner

You took 38 place in my Top 100 of posts

I'm very honored @exan thank you!

I hear a line from Airplane in my head as I read your article, "Ever spent time in a Turkish prison?" Very glad that your story wasn't more exciting in a negative way.

yes it was very scary @erelas, I'm glad I made it out in better circumstances!

Wow ..
Very interesting story, glad you made it out of there. who knows what will happen if you can not pull over .

Thanks for sharing.