Leave no one behind

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You must be willing to stand up for yourself as well as your beliefs and never let fear or disappointment stop you from pursuing what you want.

Some people might not be focused on controlling their own lives, but I'm a firm believer in taking charge of yours. An advocate is passionate about change, courageously outspoken, and actively promotes a cause so that others may grow with it.

Caring for yourself begins with having confidence in your ability to live a fulfilling life, and learning how to be an advocate for yourself and others like therapists in training.

There's never been a greater need to talk about ourselves, to be true to ourselves, and to learn how to care for who we are.

There are crippling doubts, and deep wounds, but also an endless expanse of possibilities in these lives and all that they entail. Learning how to care for ourselves is so needed today.

Self-care can be difficult when you haven't spoken with yourself in years, much less given the time needed for self-nourishment. It takes courage, kindness, and a great deal of patience. I know this process intimately because I've always had trouble paying attention only to myself. Finding immense joy in interactions with others, and giving all I could without receiving anything back became my go-to coping mechanism for dealing with life's hardships.

Life is not something that can be judged by the color of your skin, your background, or precisely where you fall on a binary spectrum. Life is worth living and then some.

I want to recognize the feeling that comes from sitting at a bus stop in silence and enjoying almost-filled solitude. I’ve found it’s always out there waiting for me, just shy on sight.

Your mood can effects the people around you, so it is important to care for yourself first. Consider things like what you need to make your life whole again. Maybe taking time for a vacation helped clear your head, or filling your home with photos and special moments was what did it. Take charge of how to recapture balance.

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