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RE: This Time I Know It's For Real

in #life6 months ago

OMG! You were right. I was thinking of you tonight as I watched my account go over 100K for the very first time! Woo-hoo.

It still is, I think we might just be at the start of things!

Hello? You are so right, and it was pretty thrilling. :))

Oh, the aquariums are gross. I like them in the stores, but, then I have to clean them out, the kids were too young or they would kill them trying. Then one went off to school and left his AQUARIUM to me. I gave it away free. On freecycle. It was a pity pick-up. He felt sorry for me.


It is dashed exciting. I have even started a mini power down just in case it goes bonkers. I will buy back though if possible as I like my account the way it is and don't want to shrink!

It was the cleaning that surprised me. I kinda thought it would be some sort of self regulating box but oh no, clean and add stuff every week and in summer we got an algae infestation and it was vile for ages before we got shot of it. It has just been a general pain in the arse. I will work on convincing her that some manner of fluffy animal would be better than keeping dead fish in a glass box :OD