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RE: Things Just Keep Getting Stranger

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It sure does. After watch Social Dilemma I can completely understand how things have come to this.

Thanks, Lizelle. In my experience, people today seem distracted more often than not. It's rare that I feel like I'm really being listened to in a conversation. That's one of the reasons I wrote this book.

Your blog and skills have grown tremendously this past year. I've noticed! Crypto has been a blessing for so many. It's really proven its worth this year. I hope that it decouples from the stock market before the market crashes.

According to the forecast this is our last semi-warm day and then the bottom drops out. We may have another warm up in early-to-mid October or maybe not. In '91 there was a blizzard here on Halloween. In contrast, I can remember December temps in the late 90's hitting 60 degrees (F). Autumn is super extreme here.

Enjoy your weekend my friend!