Examples of achievements in Cuba before I came to power.

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I know there are still some communists out there who think that I brought development and prosperity to Cuba.


Nothing further from the truth than that! HAHAHA!

The truth is that Cuba and especially the City of Havana was a leading city in technological development in the whole world before I came to power in 1959.

But well, my job was always to destroy the island and bring its inhabitants to live at the lowest possible level, both social and economic and, of course, keeping me in power.


A kind of New World Order (NWO) experiment on a small scale, but that's a topic for another post ;)

This is a short list so that you can have an idea of what was achieved before I came to power and began to destroy Cuba.

  • Havana was the first city in Latin America to use steam engines and boats in 1829.
  • Havana was the first city of Ibero-America to launch an X-ray department in 1907.
  • Havana was the first city to have rail services in 1837, after England and the United States.
  • Havana was the first Ibero-American city to have a public lighting system, installed in 1889.
  • Havana was the first Latin American city to have a tram, which began to circulate in 1900.
  • Havana was the first city in Latin America in which a car was circulated, also in 1900.
  • Havana was the first city in the world to use the telephone without the need for an operator in 1906.
  • Havana was the first city where a constitution was approved that recognized the vote of women, equality of rights between sexes and races, and the right of women to work. It was in 1940.
  • Havana was the first city to have the first apartment building in the world built with concrete: FOCSA, in 1952.
  • Havana was the first city in the world to have a hotel with central air conditioning, the Riviera, in 1951.

I hope that after reading this, all those who consider me still their hero will think twice.


I am a Dictator not a stupid and boring hero! And I'm very proud of that.

Well, for now I say goodbye with revolutionary greetings. Much love to all of you my dear spies.

Viva la Steemit-llution!

Fidel Castro Ruz


Comrade Fidel, I also learned recently about your governments choice to send HIV/AIDs victims to their own separate colony with its own rules and medical facilities, like a leper colony, and that many people infected themselves with the disease in order to get away from your reach. Viva La Infección?

Yeah, of course! The place was called "Los Cocos" and it was in Santiago de las Vegas, Municipality Boyeros in the City of Havana (they were two actually). Had to keep them apart of the "normal" and decent people. That place still exist btw, my brother has been in charge to maintain it although he has softened things a little, now they can live in their homes if they want. But, always with government control of course.

And many lovers of rock music were pricked with infected needles, that's true too. I initially gave people better food in that place so that it seemed good to be there and they did it for that. It was at the time of the Special Period in Cuba, there was not much food on the streets because of the fall of the socialist camp. They even armed a group of Punk Rock among the infected, was called VIH.

Ay Fifo... Ni muerto nos dejas en paz...

Un revolucionario de verdad nunca ceja en su empeño (de joder en este caso) compañera! Téngalo siempre presente.
Patria o Muerte! Venceremos?

¡Venceremos mi Comandante!

This is fucking hilarious :'D

Thank you very much comrade @inity! I appreciate your good taste for a revolutionary and socialist style. Glad you like it.
Revolutionary greetings!
Your "Comandante"