Another Week. Almost Gone...

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It's been another week of disruption. Thanks to power. Now we have it. Now we don't. They tell you you won't, you plan around it, then you do. Because they can't work because of the weather.

So the 8 hours without power is rescheduled to Tuesday.

If I have been grumpy and absent of late, this is why.

At least I cook with gas.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma


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Good apetite, it looks very yummy, big hugs :)

Hi @fionasfavourites, that stir-fry looks great.

Electric power is so important today that it's pretty hard to do without it.

I was a little amused by your comment about cooking with gas, and you know you are absolutely right, I live in a country where those conveniences have become a luxury.

Here there are frequent power outages and you can't get domestic gas, or gasoline, to be positive in this comment there used to be food shortages now if there is any thank God.

Guess what country I live in? Would anyone who reads this comment know where I am? 😁🤗

I liked your post, interesting way of advertising your services, I think you are a person from whom you can learn a lot. 👍 Thank you.

Thank you for stopping by @soyubasantacruz

I am glad to hear that food shortages are diminishing. In Venezuela?

You know, I am learning that I also have a great deal to learn and if I have learning to share, I am happy to do so.

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Jejejej if it is correct, I live in Venezuela.

My country is beautiful, but living here is a challenge.

You know, I am learning that I also have a great deal to learn and if I have learning to share, I am happy to do so.

How nice that phrase is, I am also learning to share what I have learned.

Greetings. A hug 🤗 that crosses the ocean.

Oh gosh.. I can't imagine living in a place without power.
We don't have anything to rely on if the power goes off.
It's a good thing that you're always prepared

It's very frustrating and we have been having to deal with these interruptions for more than 10 years. Anyhow it does help to have a grump every now and then lol

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Power outages... I hate when those happen. And where I'm from they don't always inform you. That's why most people cook with gas. Power or now power, there will be delicious food! :)

Sometimes the outages are planned. Often they are not. I am so happy to cook with gas! Coffee and hot food! Yay!

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Not really the disruption we are looking for 😅.

The food does look good 😍

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Exactly. I will be absent from #HiveChat. Unless they change things. Again. 🤯🤬

Oh and thank you. The supper was the best part of the day!

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The supper looks super 😂.

Sad to hear that your participation in the #HiveChat could be in trouble. Hope it works out.

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Thanks, bit that's life, I guess!

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