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RE: How I Make My Nettle Tea Taste A Lil Better

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Now that you mention this I need to get out my nettle to put in my morning tea. I make a quart mason jar of English gunpowder green tea every morning and need to start putting a dash of nettle in with it. Damn, I have to get my horehound and drop a couple leaves in as well. I was just thinking this morning how I would like to vary the flavors up on my morning tea, so thank you. Very prescient post!


Glad it came in handy! Now that you have your freeze dryer you can freeze dry citrus peels and lemon balm then grind it to add into your tea! I use my dehydrator for this purpose but I bet with the freeze dryer the flavor is much more intense!

I was thinking I need to try citrus! I saw @gringalicious post about her photo shoot in Boise and in it were what looked like dried slices of lemon and lime for drinks and it made me instantly want to try it in the freeze drier.

Now I have to ACTUALLY make an herb garden so I can run them through the freeze drier as well.

You will love it!!!