Is there a common cause for all diseases?

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30 years ago it would have been pseudo-science, but as all branches of academic research come back to roost, more and more scientists have to do research, or re-search, in other words, search again in the new, modern, upgraded library of available new information that will take the human body up a level.

Dr. Steven Gundry has an interesting book on his own research which has led to a broader understanding of the different proteins scattered in all living material/plant life/nature and found some interesting facts along the way, take a look:


I like Dr Gundry. He's coming out with a new book. The Longevity Paradox.

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@fyrstikken, In my opinion, when we talk about the diseases then definitely this is the subject of this life only and matter related to earth only and every aspect is already existed matter, means both Problem and Solution already exists just every new generation expanded that Subject Research or as you say Re-Search. But in my opinion one thing is reflecting as unfortunate and that is Medical field is becoming Business rapidly which is not good. Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

After encountering Dr. Gundry’s work last year, I started eating the way he recommended. My body never felt better, and I lost 30 pounds pretty quickly. I’ve tried a lot of different “ways of eating” and eating Gundry (lectin/casein free) has hands-down been the best for my body and also the easiest to keep up with.

Here’s a before and after shot from about a year ago when I had been eating Gundry for a few months.


Gained a little back from the holidays that I’m working back off 🤷‍♀️ - but I’m such a huge fan of his work because it’s worked so well for me.

Thanks for sharing this video!