When is the price of steem going to be touch the sky again.

in #life2 years ago

This is the question which always runs to the middle of the investor. there may be chnces that the price of steem will go up but no one knows when.

Many want to buy more steem as the price will go up. this is a strong possiblity of happening this.

Many want to make a profit on their investment and so on. so here we are with a great value of your money.

Still the real question is still there that when the price of steem go up. and the answer is very soon.

I think the answer is very simple This will be the time all steem generation will stop. may be we have wait to see it's impact.

And then there is new steem in the market to buy. so this is the perfect time to buy steem if you want to buy

People buy steem from people and this is the point when the price will rock.

This is what I think about this topic.

Please also tell us What do you think about the future trend of steemit.

This is all I have for now. may hope for the great future of steem and steemit.

Thank you. Have a nice day.


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