Better days ahead

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It's hard to say, but we have to

Seeing the chaos, pandemic, storms, earthquakes, deaths, protests, sufferings... it's so hard to be positive right now. I am not always hopeful myself, but in times like this, I felt the need to say that there are still better days ahead.

I have learned that allowing such negativity from the surroundings to sink in deep in yourself affects your thinking too, even though it is not happening to you directly. One thing I learned from therapy is that it is important to acknowledge whatever is happening and whatever it is that you're feeling. BUT you can't just focus on the bad news all the time. By doing so, the good things are being ignored and overshadowed.

Even though there are shit everywhere, the good shit still exists. We should acknowledge that too.

All this is temporary, and someday, we will be able to recover from all the shit around us.

Take care of yourself.


Thanks for keeping me positive yesterday. :)

That's what I'm here for! :p

Nice article about being positive...Actually everyone in this bad period due to the Covid-19 needs to be positive...Out of pandemic There are also a destructive economic problems...I hope we leave all these stuffs behind and live like the old good days...

Yeah we need to, although we still have to be careful not to turn the positivity into toxic ones.

The sun will rise again someday... No clouds last forever, nor this shit going on right now...

True.. I hope it will be soon though :/

No matter how tough life seems, there is still good in the world out there

All we have to do is recognize them. :D

It's so crazy what's going on in the world. I've been in a bad mood and couldn't even write my planned posts yesterday. It's hard keeping a positive energy in the midst of it all.

Yeah :/ Hopefully you will be able to do those plans soon and release the negative energy you have absorbed.

I did some sewing today, stayed away from the news and I felt better.

When shit happens, I still try to count my blessings. It took me a while to reach this realization. There will be better days for sure. If not today, tomorrow, or next 30 years but there will be.

Yeah that's the thing that's scary - the uncertainty. But yeah we will get there anyhow.

Yes things around drown you in the negativity but we don't have to let this negativity kill the postive energy inside us, we can win this war and spread positivity again just by being positive with full hope.

Be the light to those who are drowned in darkness.

that's deep haha

Hehe as always girl

Positivity girl yes, this is the right way to think! 🌼🌼🌼