Having a broken keyboard reminded me to organize my damn files

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The other day, I woke up with some of the keys in my laptop keyboard not working. I have no idea why cos the night before it was working perfectly fine. I tried fixing it and figuring out if it was just a software problem and not a physical one but til now I still haven't figured that out. I figured it's just really a big waste of time now that I need to do lots of things so I just bought a keyboard to use for the meantime.


Look at these bright colors. :3

I chose a keyboard that's affordable and also the one that could be delivered to my house ASAP. The funny thing is that I didn't even know the difference between a mechanical keyboard from a normal one. After my bf pointed it out and sent me an article to read, it was a good thing that I chose a mechanical one. :3

Files in my pc so messyyyy...


Lol I don't even bother to rename the photos.

Ever since I bought this laptop in 2015, I only did a few maintenance with it. I probably organized my files once lol and now they look so messy!! Files are literally everywhere and when I browse the folders there's always files that I discover, like a treasure haha.

Now, I dedicated myself to organizing these since my pc is also starting to lag.


I need to stop procrastinating with organizing these files...

Because of this, I finally bought an external hard drive which I have been planning to buy for years. I bought it together with the keyboard. Hiddenblade you noob!!! I know, took me a while lol.

Oh, I also need to mention that while trying to figure out what's wrong with my laptop keyboard, I opened the back of my laptop for the first time in years. I'm not a techy one, so I've always been nervous about opening stuff cos I might break something but I'm glad I didn't.

Cos of that, I was able to clean the fan, the very dirty and dusty fan, and now my laptop doesn't heat up like crazy. You'd get disgusted once you'll know how much dust I collected near the fan. xD

I guess having a broken keyboard has its silver linings. It's literally my laptop saying

You need to get your shit together, babe.

Also, if you're looking for signs, this is it.




Wait... Do people rename files? I mean, I name them if I'm creating them but if they come from another device I just dump them around altogether and figure out later... Yeah

I know some photographers do haha. And if it's for a site then they do, for SEO kinda thing lol

haha, your folders look like mine :)
I always start organizing my files so well when I have a new laptop, and then I feel like "yeah, I will keep it this way, no messy folders for me anymore!" And then there's this first moment that I have to save a screenshot / picture (whatever) quickly and don't have time to find the perfect place for it "I will do this later". Then I forget, add another file in the same situation, etc etc. And before you know it, I have an even messier disk :(

I actually do have an external hard disk but it has been full forever. I want to buy a new one for ages (like you wanted lol) but I hate buying one too small again, so it would be a huge one, and these are expensive. It has to be done though.. Thanks for the reminder :P

Hahaha damn I know those feels! Yeah HDD can be expensive if you want bigger capacity. T-T Maybe it would be better to delete the useless files lol

Oh even that's a pain! I try to do so instantly nowadays. When I have like a gazillion similar pictures of the process, I add them in 1 file with four of them, save that file and delete the 4 solo pictures. That helps a lot here. But of course, there are many examples of all these similar pictures that need to be saved. It's a pain overall. I'm trying to improve my behavior of saving all these pictures and screenshots, but I think I'm a long way from being perfect :)

I love that keyboard looks super cool, my cousin bought one that is also similar in color, and a mouse to accompany it. The truth is that I do not understand why just now everything is being damaged, the super mouse I had was damaged, but I was able to acquire my first wireless mouse and the truth is that it is a glory to use one of these. But I want one of colors jajjjajaja


Probably they reached their limits? I've nearly forgotten that keyboards and mouse have life spans, like after 5 million clicks they gonna be dead lol. I agree wireless mouse is heaven hahaha. Go buy one with color if you can! :D

As far as I can buy it, of course if, like a keyboard with colors, everything with colors gives it a brutal touch hahahah

Aren't we all messy😄 I'm in same dilemma. I haven't been able to fix my keyboard in a long while so I only use the laptop for movies now. Sometimes something major has to happen for us to get our shit together.

Whaaat. How do you live with a broken keyboard haha. Did you type this on your phone or did you use an onscreen keyboard? I really get annoyed when I can't type fast and continuous lol

I use my phone now for everything

Things about random life. The truth is I'm more of a dullard when it comes to techy stuffs lol but I guess we wouldn't know that tech isn't so hard, now you see how much work you did by opening the inside? Hahaha

Hahah I just unscrewed some and careful not to touch any wires. Also Youtube helped hahaha. Also damn your words, I had to look up "dullard" to understand haha

LOL I think I would die if I didn't organise my files, when I look at other peoples computers like I have to help them with something I honestly don't know how they survive, just saving everything on the desktop with no reason or rhyme

Hahaha that's me! You'll die if you'd see my desktop right now.

But that's good to hear that you organize your stuff. Just keep it that way. Once you go unorganized it would need a lot of energy to be back to being organized lol

Lol I do it In real life too with my books, games, just about anyrbing I can line up I’ll do it, does that make me OCD?

Sameeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Never had a mechanical keyboard before and the new mini one is so awesomee.
Also my files are a mess, I try to organize a bit every few days but most importantly put any NEw files into right folders :P :)

Every few days is great! That doesn't sound like a mess for me tho lol

Depends, I collected wayyy too many pictures in 5 years I didn't organize, over 200gb 😂

I have got to arrange my stuff here at the place I’m volunteering!
Gotta get them habits back in order.

Hhahahhaha I am the same. Such a mess in the laptop. On desktop is even worse. I only managed to clean that stuff when I got a virus and I had to have it redone. Thx God for that huh😂😂😂

hahah the virus. I had that problem before too! I even had one time when it deleted all files lol stupid virus :(

Also had the same problem before but it turns out that it is because of the Operating system that I had was not genuine the reason that a single character press would turn out to be clicked 5x. I tried to buy a different keyboard but exactly the same thing. That's why I had my PC reformatted and ensure I already have purchased a genuine OS.

Heard how awesome you are during our blockchain online meetup via zoom. Will no longer be ashamed to reach out and say hello.

I was also thinking that the recent update that I had was the reason for this. Hopefully it's something that I can fix haha. Good thing you found the problem and fixed it! Also yeah don't be ashamed to say hello not only to me, but to everyone else too!

That's the reason why we're all here to help based on experience. I hope you can fix it soon coz when it happened to me, creating a long and detailed story using my phone is such a burden. ☺️ Gooooood moooorning!

Does anyone ever bother to rename the photos tho? I'm surprised u have so many different folders to begin with. ;P

Yeah, some photographers do or the ones who put their photos on sites, for SEO. :p Of course I do. "Acid" folder is one of them. 😏