We need more women entrepreneurs! 💪

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Today I want to talk about yesterday...

Yes, that's right. I spent most of my time at the French Embassy surrounded by strong female entrepreneurs and businesswomen who literally left me in awe by just how restless they are. So, I want to talk about them. Actually, I want to praise them!

I am really happy and excited because lately, I see more and more women trying to build a business of their own (and on their own)!

But is this enough? It's 2019 and I believe we need even more women entrepreneurs! We need more entrepreneurs in general.

It all starts with us. When someone finally realizes that they can achieve anything, then nothing stops us!

All we need to do is having little reminders from other entrepreneurs. Telling them how much they are worth!

So, consider this email my reminder to you!

You are strong enough
Smart enough
Resilient enough
You are unique
And you can do it

If there is something on your mind that you've been wanting to do for a long time but you always feel that something is holding you back...
it's time to let go! And start achieving!

Because as crazy as this might sound, the only thing that keeps us behind...
is ourselves.


That sounds like such a great experience! I'm pretty lucky to have grown up with really strong influential women.

I recently wrote a kind of similar post about how women are seriously underrepresented in crypto :s (I think it was like less than 5% of all programmers IIRC).

I love the end, it's a really beautiful message :).


Yes you are lucky! And yeah less than 5% does not look pretty. But I am positive that things do change!