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RE: Why Does Excessive Social Media Breed Depression?

in #life3 years ago

@calaber24p I ditched social media like FB a while back after discovering Steemit. I think society puts images in kids heads that they have to look a certain way. And with instagram, you see all the "pretty girls" and wish you looked like them and envy them. It's not a healthy lifestyle by any means. It would be great if these things did not exist, like when I was growing up, in the age when the internet was pretty much non-existent and you had to go to the library to do actual research, cell phones were non-existent, unless you were Zack from Saved By The Bell. Kids today need better role models and you proved your point well. They should get out more and discover what the world has in store for them and see the beauty in it, then maybe they can see the beauty within themselves.