Just back from your town. I now have nice beers at home. This will help ;)

yes? Which beer did you have? Duvel FTW!

Duvel, Westmalle, Rodenbach, Karmeliet, Maredsous, Kriek as a starter. The choice was pretty limited this time (due to the situation in the shops). I will go for a second round during the next week-end. I hope to get some Orval, Rocherfort, fruit defendu and stuff like that.

Nice! I only drink duvel leffe and kriek normally, have to try more beers lol

There are so many nice options in Belgium (and so few ones in France in comparison)... ;)

haha I feel the beer price in the bar also cheaper. Neighbours like to come to Belgium drink beer

With 3.5 hours of drive, I don't consider myself as a neighbour. I actually come to visit family first. Beer is the extra souvenir to bring home ;)

I see I see :) France is way bigger, sometimes I see Dutch neighbours come drink in the square here.