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I talk a lot about my pups, mainly because they are who I spent most of my time with. I have 3 gorgeous pups that I love. Since being a child we have always had a dog, one good thing about my parents is they loved animals, they treat our pets better than they treat me. My dogs mean the world to me. I have had a few unique pups that have had different mannerisms and personalitys that have stood out, i can honestly say in my 56 years nearly 57 that I have never had a pup like Luna she knows what she wants shes understands what we are saying. She amazes me at how talented she is.

One thing Luna loves to play is Fetch, she loves us to throw her toys especially her balls so she can go fetch them back and she has her favourite toys that she prefers to play with.

This is the attitude we get when we aren't playing with the right toy, or we can't find the right toy.

Talk about a stroppy teenager.

She makes me laugh, she has one favourite tennis ball, we have a copule of tennis ball and can honestly not see any difference in them. She has such a diva attitude.

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She talks!!!! How cute!

I honestly think she's trying to lol