Moving my Steem and other chores.

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My ambition of getting back to posting regularly has not really been fulfilled. Maybe it is me swimming a kilometre every day and then being too exhausted. Maybe it is the preteen moods of my youngest daughter. Maybe too much other work, like building websites. Maybe it is all those little things that I have neglected and now have to clean up, put in order and archive. Maybe it is the late summer light.

Well... here I am again with a small report.

I'm fine, but busy. The small text file on my computer called "gøreliste.tekst" (todolist.txt) is changing all the time and things get done. My website is up and running I am selling comics and prints to people - but I still needs to tidy up the texts, the layout and other little things that annoy me. I am also considering how to promote the whole thing. Even though the Katharsisdrill art project only exists in grassroot networks like this one, it would be nice to get it further out in the wild. I might make a Mastodon account if I can find an instance that is not too puritan when it comes to nipples and penises for example.

At least I have posted the first artwork on You might have seen it here before. It was one of the New Years wishes that I granted in early 2019. @shortcut asked me to make it and now it is officially included in the Katharsisdrill ouvre.

Le déjeuner en violet - Dedicated to Jörn Bielewski


One of the things on my todo list is to move my leftover Steem to this place. I tried to find an exchange that had both Hive and Steem, but was unsuccessful in my first try, so I decided to ask here. Which exchange (or the like) can exchange Steem for Hive?

Hope some of you can help me out.


All that swimming should make you extra fit and strong to get things done. Your business should take priority over posting, but keep us up to date when you can.

The easiest way to convert STEEM to HIVE is using This is built into Steempeak. I think they give you a good rate. Should be around 1:1 right now. That first option is what you want.


Have a !BEER

Thanks! That was nice and easy! 13,000 new hive + 28,000 old stach = 41,000 HP - a nice jump up.

Cool. That will give a nice boost to your votes. Have fun.

Thanks for this info! I didn't know this was available on steempeak. I've been using Bitshares to transfer steem to hive, with several steps in between.

If you are looking to swap Steem from your Steem account to Hive you can use even if the two accounts don’t have the same name. It takes a small fee. I have used it twice to swap around 8 Steem after I powered down. Here is the link where the process is explained.

That sounds like just what I need! Thank you.

Glad I saw this, been thinking about doing this for a while. This was so simple and easy. Thanks for asking!

Feeling still super-honoured to have this dedicated tp (and inspired by) me. I've already set it up as a desktop background and now can see it several times a day. Hopefully I will have a chance to print and frame it in the future. Thanks again for making it available at your new website!

Happy that you are so happy. I will write you one of these days and hear how things are going.

Yes, please! I'm actually trying to have a bit more time for my friends in September, than in the previous months. Looking forward!

I was going to tell you, but everyone else has already! You're a bit slow moving over, ...should I mention Blurt?

I had moved half of it, then I had to wait for the rest of the power down and meanwhile Blocktrades disappeared... I simply hadn't got the mental energy to do something about it... Looking at Bitfinex and Bittrex etc. made me wanna sleep and enter the wild planes of dreaming... Strange animals meet me there and they said to me: Blurt, Blurt! Come on you lazy bastard, get on with it! We'll kick your sorry arse if you don't.

So here I am.

Thanks for asking about the transfer of Steem to Hive. Been putting this off myself. Finally saw this post and the responses about the and it worked like a charm.

Now I have to figure out how to "undelegate" SteemPower. I don't even remember who it was delegated to.

Yes, that was pleasantly easy. I once examined how to undelegate, but I have forgotten how to... has worked well for me. No need to hassle with exchanges at all. I wrote about it on my Hive Pope account here.

Cool that it was this easy. I hate exchanges...

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