Returning home to the village

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I have been slightly absent, I know. Or to be more precise: completely gone from social media. With only three pages of Phill left and lots of energy to get on with a number of project I suddenly had one of my bad health break downs - this time an injured foot that afterwards has caught some sort of infection or arthritis or whatever it is. Due to the corona-crisis the Danish health system is slightly delayed, but I am having it sorted out - and I am better now, not going for long strolls, but able to bike again. So now I have decided it was time to return to the Hive village.


All this means that I am behind with everything! And as my brain sadly hasn't slowed down one bit I am in over my head in projects.

  • First of all I need to promote the Katharsisdrill project. I have a tendency to just do the art and forget about getting it out.
    ---- My Liberapay account (sort of open source Patreon) has been drying out lately, and I never mention it because I am too shy to ask people for money.
    ---- I do not have a Mastodon account, and with the rather strict rules I have for the Katharsisdrill project about only using decentralised social platforms I hardly can afford to not be present on Mastodon.
    ---- When I have created an artwork I use a lot of time putting the same content up on a lot of different platforms. Together with my daughter, @scarlet-rain, who has been doing her own project with anime style drawings and classic animation I might be able to spare some time if I, together with her, write an app in python that can automate the task.
  • Together with my daughter I am also helping my brother @evilhippie doing a Kickstarter with 3d-printed files (an entire warhammer dwarf army). We are doing artwork, 3d-work, music and the introduction video.
  • Also with my brother I am developing some software that hopefully will make me laugh economy in the face from now on and until I need to go to those Katharsis drilling fields of eternity.
  • I am working on a very funny - but very much not for kids or sensitive minds - cartoon project with some artist friends of mine.
  • I am doing a lot of 3d modelling for the family businesses, but I will also be making some for the Katharsisdrill project using ideas and things that didn't fit into the other projects. So soon there will be a printable piece of jewellery in the Katharsisdrill creative commons treasure chest - and I will also be making a numbered series in silver of the same piece to sell from my webshop
  • Finishing Phill from GCHQ (3 pages) and get ready for my own Kickstarter of the second album. I have also been contemplating to make a Kickstarter for the French version of Phil from GCHQ that my friend @vcelier has translated. I have a French relative who lives here who might do some work on selling it in France... and France is a large and comic friendly market. Maybe the timing with corona and all isn't the best, but on the other hand: who dares wins... sometimes at least.
  • And... last but not least:

my friend from Nigeria, @nevies has returned to Hive and wants to finish the Professor Otagburuagu project that we worked on when Hive was still Steemit. After reading his finished draft, which had a spectacular and surprising ending, he and I decided that we will not stop until we have produced a Nollywood blockbuster! First of is a short novel or a novelette with my illustrations though.


Both Nevies and I are going to blog again here on Hive about the project, and I suppose also other things. I will probably be resharing a lot of his posts his to help him get started (like I have reshared a lot of my daughter's post). He's a funny guy with a great talent for writing.


Really great to have you back, man. And great to hear you're getting healthier and stronger.

Damn, that's really a huge load of projects, Sir! Congrats on the progress so far, though 👍 I'm excited on your behalf and excited about working with you and all the possibilities.

Yes, we are going to kick some arse!

Welcome back!

I hope this thing with your foot is getting better soon. Some of that comes with age (I should know, lol). I am also hoping this Covid-19 thing goes away just like any other pandemic, because it has caused some serious brain damage in a lot of politicians.
At least you are being active regardless - me, I am warming up some old stuff and waste my time on the computer posting it ....... instead of going to the studio dusting off the cobwebs.

Yes, sometimes it seems that the choice is between internet and creating. In the best of times it works, but I get terribly distracted when times aren't the best of times which they tend to be rather often. I can't bother with covid or global warming or politics for the time being. I can't do shit anyway - no one listens to me :) Nice to see all you guys here anyway.

I was hoping your absence wasn't due to complications with your foot. Welcome back.

Gonna get me one of those pieces of silver when they come out. I thought the second book of Phill was already done. Am I imagining that? It's not on your website.

You have so much going on! I'm happy if I get one single task done a day, besides the too many hours I spend sitting here on hive.

Annoyingly the foot has really bugged me down, but I hope it will get better soon. Incredible that it can surprise me how helpless you are when your feet does not work, but I think it is the part of the body you take most for granted.

As for the second Phill album I still need to make the last three pages and then I need to have it printed. I will make a Kickstarter Like I did with the last album. So no it still isn't a book, but all the pages can be read on the Phill from GCHQ webpage - but maybe you prefer to read it on paper (I do :)

Oh yes absolutely! I have to be holding my books, especially ones with art.

Welcome back dear friend. Trust you are feeling much better?

Much love ❤️

Thank you so much, Debbie!

glad you are back. heal up and go make those dreams happen :)

Welcome back to this part of the woods.

Amazing, how many creative projects you are involved in, congrats!

@tipu curate

Thanks! And yes. Maybe too many projects :)

Great to hear from you again. Hope you are getting better and back to being productive. Looking forward to seeing more from you soon.


Yes, I will get back to all my projects now. I have been reading and writing, but not much else.

Well I hope you find fresh inspiration.

Welcome back and how!✨

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