The Away Man

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I know that there has been now two weeks without Phill from GCHQ and I doubt that there will be a page next Thursday. I have been incapacitated with an injured foot and haven’t been able to do any Katharsisdrill work… only the necessary other things.

I have been reading Gilgamesh, Ursula Le Guin and Robert Ludlum and wasted lots of time yelling at my girls to make them fetch things for me. My poor wife has had to cook, but I staggered around one day and baked both white bread and rye bread, realising that it would be too much to ask of a splendid career woman like her.

Hope to be back again soon!



Catching up on your reading is a good thing -you are reloading for more drilling 😂.
In Gilgamesh, my hero is Enkidu. Ursula Le Guin however is a all-time fave of mine. I appreciate her Natural Science background (Anthropology) that makes the Wizard of Earth Sea series such a fascinating read. Your reading material is eclectic, spanning the range to Ludlum, and that is good so.
Be well soon, my friend - I suffered through a broken heel once that turned out to be a blessing of sorts, because then I also spent a lot of time reading. Not baking bread though, but I cooked more, which in my case, I considered self-defense cooking.

If nothing else getting beck to some reading is a good thing, that is true. I have been working all days if the week for a long time now, so maybe the Seshat, Goddess of knowledge and writing sent me this.

I do read in both West, East and South that is true, always did, but Le Guin is also a favourite of mine and I really liked this new translation of Gilgamesh. I had read an old one, but this one was definitely better. And then some primitive US suspense :)

I will be back to cocking soon I hope! Thanks for your comment, mate!

Sorry about the backdrops. Hope to see you back soonest.

Thanks :) Just the things that happens sometimes.

Yeah, it is part of part of life. What matters most now is the way you react to it. Hopefully, you will react to it positively.

Get well soon. I am eagerly awaiting more on Phill, but your health comes first.

Yes, I am pretty eager too. But sometimes you just have to lie down and wait for things to get over with.

Sorry to hear about your injury. I wish you swift recovery

Thanks, mate! It is underway... just fucking annoying :)

Now that's what I call a reading list! Is there any genre you don't like?

I'm sorry to hear you are not well, and hope it's over soon.

Very early, late teenage years or so, I decided not to sort things by genre, but by what I deemed the inherent quality of the work. In reality it is probably something I have inherited from my fathers side of of the family where Dorothy Sayers, Herge and John Le Carré was enjoyed and discussed with equal enthusiasm as Goethe, Camus or Lagerlöf. Maybe there is somethign out there I don't fancy, but I can't come up with anything.

And thanks! I will soon be back to normal.