The Wyzard Tower garden is closing for the winter.

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And now for something completely different...


Our small Wyzard Tower garden has been producing enormous amounts of tomatoes. The principle I have enforced has been to let the plants grow wild with no pruning down to increase harvest. I like things to just go wild. It has sometimes gone a bit too wild, so some of those new gentrification pest neighbours are worried that their children would die due to falling tomatoes. Killer tomatoes.




My wife had this year tried beef tomatoes that in this cold climate, where all fruits and vegetables get intense aromas in a trade off with less crop, have tasted almost melon like. Our youngest didn't fancy them, probably because they were to large, luscious, colourful and alien shaped. So we have had tomato salads every evening, and I have been eating rye bread with mayonnaise and tomatoes for lunch for quite some time.



Now the chillies are soon ready for harvest and the tomatoes are over. As you can see on the last picture, we are ready for winter now, with the thyme, rosemary and the survivor pine tree as the only residents on the balcony. The rest of the spices have moved inside - (actually they are right now on display in some plastic recycling design project my wife has on exhibition right now - they will return shortly she has promised).



Next year we will return to the less frivolous sort of tomatoes and have many, many more chillies!


These species of tomatoes are quite different from ours.

By the way, you don't need to get tomatoes and pepper from the market, you have all you need for the family at your beck and call.

Stay fit ❤️

Thanks, Debbie. I think that this sort is very popular in Greece. Denmark is a little too cold and wet for tomatoes so most of the ones we eat are from Spain and Italy. But in good, warm summers you can get i fine harvest.

The tomatoes that we eat in the whole of Nigeria is produced in the Northern states where the weather is quite hot. The Southern states are not as hot as the North, I guess that's why it grows better there considering your analysis of Denmark being a bit cold

As far as I understand there is no upper limit to how much sun tomatoes need. But I am pretty sure that even the south in Nigeria is much, much warmer than Denmark :)

But I am pretty sure that even the south in Nigeria is much, much warmer than Denmark :)

It's quite possible.

This is the present weather condition of Osogbo, a town in the South West of Nigeria - 29°c

A+ Gallery_56.jpg

The one below is a Northern state, Kano - 32°c

A+ Gallery_58.jpg

And Copenhagen :)


That's an incredible haul for a balcony garden!

lol killer tomatoes - did people really complain?

Well, not exactly. More like voicing a small concern. It’s a lesbian couple who had their first child a year ago, and they are fuzzing a bit. My wife is good at handling such things, reassure them that all will be OK, calm down the neurosis and then sing the “attack of the killer tomato” line from that old film to lighten up the mood.

Well done on your Wizard garden, I had rather bad luck with my tomatoes this year, not sure why. I'm hoping to get my Autumn/Winter crops sown soon. Gardens, no matter where, are food for the soul as well as the belly :) @Katharsisdrill

Sometimes it is so cold and rainy here that all we get i green tomatoes. Denmark is not really that smart for tomatoes, but I talked to a Norwegian and they often only have the green ones... I put them in vinegar and salt and use them as pickle. And then it is of course also food for the soul, that is true.

We neglected to grow tomatoes this year and I missed those hits of flavour. Need to get organised for next year. It's not like we are short of space for them. You got a great crop with your limited room. Enjoy!

Ever seen this movie? I haven't.

We have had some stressed out years where we didn't have that many, but this year was fine and I am sure it will be even better next year - also at your place.

I never saw that film, but I have seen Return of the killer Tomatoes which was George Clooney's debut.

This is hilarious!


Love your garden!! A good tip I heard for tomatoes is to bury a can of sardines (the ones that come in water, not oil) at the base of the plant - but then again, you seem to already have more tomatoes than you need!

Never heard that one before. Must be the nutritional salts in the fish that does it. For the short season here in Denmark there is plenty, but then the rest of the year it is too cold, so we have to eat Spanish tomatoes instead :) (except that I try to use more Danish vegetables).

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