Have I mentioned, I have chickens?

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When house sitting

The lovely house owners have traveled to the motherland again. Apparently, with two other siblings, I am always selected to house set. One would normally be excited, but the craziness that is taking care of chickens removes any excitement. If you read my last experience, don't worry.

One cannot forget the chicken

Thankfully, no chicken has been lost or killed. With their new home keeping them safe from the other wild animals. Taking care of them as being lovely. They go inside the coup at sunset. They wait at the door at sunset for me to open the door. They don't act or run away.

There is always one...

Then there is this one. Last night, I arrived home later than normal. As usual, most of them were in their homes sleeping. I check for eggs and placed them in my shirt to carry out. I only need one hand to close the door. As I turn to leave, I notice one stray chicken sitting on top of the door.

How did you get up there?

I wave it in, no movement, I slap it around, it tightens its grip, and I am left with a dilemma. Leave the chicken outside or potentially drop the eggs and grab the chicken?

What would you do?

In order to grab it, two hands are required. Letting go of my shirt would mean dropping the eggs, probably cracking them and losing the chicken in the process. I attempted to tie my shirt, it just as quickly untied. With ninja-like reflexes, I grab the chicken and drop her, some might say throw, into the coup. With less than half a second to grab the shirt, save the eggs, lock the door, and walk away.

It's silly, it's my life, have a great day!

Small steps for chickens. Giant leaps for me!

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This is what I need! Would drive the neighbors crazy and I can use the herbs out of the garden on some omelets.

I once house sat many years ago. Forgot to water some of the plants –oops they had a lot. Hey at least the dog was well feed.

Have a great weekend juggling eggs and chickens!

Lol, I ALWAYS forget about the plants. Until someone asks me, then I panic and over water them

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But without this experience, you may not have realised you're a ninja XD

Maybe take a container with you next time in case the chicken decides to be THAT ONE again XD

I'm looking forward to having chickens again.

Lol, I let them out the next day and sent my brother to close shop. Apparently he had a a similar experience and said not to let out until my parents come back to clip their wings

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It has been decades ever since I had native chickens @kubbyelizabeth because all I was having was those leghorns LOL. :D
I bet that your chickens taste like divine because they are naturally bred.

Parents take great care of the chickens. Every once in a while they have to buy a powder to keep them healthy. It’s a lot of work to have farm animals. I’m glad it’s just temporary

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Hey my beautiful friend... I've been meaning to ask you. Would you be interested in inheriting my quails? I've trained them on blockchain tech.

I’ll have to ask the folks. Do they play nice with chickens?

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Mom said she will take them. Let me know when we can pick them up or when you can drop them off

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yusssssssssss!! I will let Anka know... I is happies!


You smashed it; by not smashing them.
Our Evelyn once collected 4 eggs in a shallow dustpan. As she came inside and turned to close the door, one fell onto the tiles and smashed. Naturally she spun around to see what had happened, and the remaining 3 met the same fate.

The dog and I have very different feelings about the event.

Our chick are young so the egg shell is a bit tougher. Even so, had I spun or moved a half a second slower I too would have smashed many eggs lol

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I’m wondering how many eggs each chicken can do in the daily! Free food 😂

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Depends, I get 6 to 8 daily. These are young chicks. Our last batch were laying twice a day at one point

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Wish I can have some chickens but I live in Las Vegas 😅... they won’t survive in the heat! 😂

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Lol, if they can survive Florida heat, humidity, and hurricanes then they can survive you

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Summer heat is almost here, can they survive 110 Degrees a day haha

This made me to remember when I also have chicken. But I was not able to keep it so I give up on it

It’s a lot work to keep chickens for sure. Last year I lost almost all of them. A raccoon killed most of them. Thankfully this year has been easier

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My wife and I are raising chickens as well. We've had 10 hens. Now we have 3.

What happened to the other chickens?

The first 4 I bought got killed buy fire ants. I didn't notice I had place their cage on top of an ants nest. The next three were eaten up by something, all we found were their feathers.

Ha ha ha ha ha.....😁😂😂

@kubbyelizabeth, In my opinion if you remember this incident in future then it will be a funny memory and you will laugh same way as you are laughing in the picture, at the end of the post. Stay blessed.

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You are probably right because the first time I took care of them everyone laughed at my stories.


Have a blessful time ahead.

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