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RE: First dusting for 2022 as the seasons change :)

in #life10 months ago

So you got the damned thing? I wish you a prompt recovery (if you didn't recover yet). I take the train + the metro to go to work every day, but I tune my timing to have enough space around me. It works... for now...


hi thanks yeah hard to avoid but it seems gone a mild cold, chicken soup time, its everyday stress traveling doesn't help, just waiting for springtime now stay well :)))

Here, I would not call it really a stress, but I must admit that the global situation is much less anxiogenic in France (and in Western Europe in general) than in Quebec. Some are already about the pandemic entering in its end phase, although this is in my opinion maybe a bit premature and probably strongly depend on the face of the next variant, which we do not know yet.

In any case, please stay safe! That is what matters most!