Unswerving faith and conviction

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Unswerving faith and conviction

What does unswerving faith and conviction entail?

It means having absolute trust in your Creator.

It means knowing without a doubt, deep in your soul that what you believe to be true, is true.

We live in an era of Spiritual Warfare.

There is no other way, for it is integral to Natural Law.

There is no light without darkness, no darkness without light.

It is pure Yin Yang. One cannot exist without the other.

What the heck am I trying to say?

These are integral to the underlying forces of the universe. The Tree of Life in its absolute bliss and splendor.

Poe knew about these in their metaphysical manifestations and wrote so eloquently about them, just that nobody seemed to notice.

We are upon a monumental pole shift, yet another natural law in that of Polarity.

Forces of Darkness and Evil are about to be swapped for those of Pure Blue Light and Righteousness.

For, the former has prevailed for far too long. The latter resurrecting, not a moment too soon.

Judgment is here. An inevitable wind of change.

Many can try to ignore it, not accept it.

Still and all, it is here upon us all.