20 Way You Can Lose Your Bitcoin

in #life4 years ago

How to lose your bitcoin.

  1. Send to fake address
  2. lose your wallet password
  3. computer breaks.
  4. use yobit.net
  5. get scammed
  6. gamble them on bitslar
  7. let your friend on your pc
  8. let your friend on your phone
    9.lose your auth for your wallet.
  9. lose your phone
  10. changed your phone number
  11. buy fake cryptocurrencys off sketchy markets
  12. the market with your bitcoin ran off with it
  13. pay a Nigerien princess to unlock his bank
  14. run memez
  15. get a rootkit
  16. invest in a alt coin that fails
  17. do a coin flip
  18. pay for food then bitcoin goes up in value
  19. go to jail for 25 to life

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