Work, Income and Quality Life

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Modern day living, it's not an excuse not to support your kid to their interest unless your world is at the focus in grinding. Sneak to work-income-life balance follows like these:

🔴 In a corporate setting, if you are making a million or shall I say contributed high on sales to a company you are working for, expected this will compromise the quality time to be spent in your family. As you are the asset and life of the company, they will value you but most likely unattached to your loved ones.

🔴Low income, a regular 9-5 shift work routine and ample of time sharing life moments with a family. Not a luxurious life and hard to provide wants demand by a team member of one's home. Some are contented to this simple way of living. The substance caused triggers insomnia in sleepless nights formulating the best solution and overthink the next piece of chess to move.

🔴Average, a set of an example where pips of top and bottom pupils are dilated. "Eyes on you", got envied of the time management created. Outdoor activities, trips, and constant support were possible. Somehow they are most focus on spending assets.

Whatever status we belong, it is really important to allocate time to our family. In any given time job can be loss, sales may decline and outage of money. Losing loved ones is a lifetime regret that you can't afford to live without them. As of this writing, I am waiting here in a newly open tutorial center where my lil soldier (daughter) is in a math class. Since it's summer now, I enroll her to improve her math. I was laughing hearing replies to her teacher saying "I forgot the lessons because it is old". My heart is pumping lols and worry for this is the 1st time I observe her in an open class.

Thanks for spending your time reading it is a sweet come back. I am happy I have just created a new blog while waiting for an hour until the class ends.

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nice post.

True, you can't exchange the quality time you can have with you family to anything in this world and that's what really matters.

You might want to check "Kumon" to improve your daughter's math.