Fire: Beautiful and Dangerous!

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Fire is truly beautiful, but dangerous. I have loved playing with fire since I was a young child and I learned quickly that it sometimes hurts. I personally love camp fires as they are really nice to look at and I enjoy collecting wood and making them big.

Fire is like rust, except it happens quicker. It is when oxygen reacts with something rapidly, releasing gas, solids, light and heat. The temperature and colour depends on what is reacting with the oxygen and there are a wide variety of colours fire can burn in. A fire is started when a material is exposed to heat of some kind that allows it to react to oxygen rapidly. Lighting a match is a simple example where friction causes the paraffin on the head to rapidly react with the oxygen in the air.

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Fire is very useful. We can use it to cook, to operate coal power stations, to cause car engines to work and anything that requires combustion of some kind. It is also useful in nature to clear space for new vegetation to start growing and it helps certain seeds to germinate.

It can also be very destructive, some examples are veld fires, explosions and any other situation where the fire is not controlled or contained safely.

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I used to stay on a farm and a piece of it was on a mountain that would burn about every 2 years and it was great fun to go and stop it from spreading to the buildings and the rest of the mountain. We would use tools like the one in the picture below and sometimes when there is a big fire in the area, helicopters would come to our dam and scoop up water to put the fire out like in the picture above.

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Fire is like rust! I think about that, and about how fire is like this pure hot intense flare up of the life force inside something, sped up so fat it is explosive, and once it's over, everything (the essence of the object) has been sucked out and used up and all that is left is ash...

I'm a fire dancer, and I grew up in a region where there are HUGE wildland fires every year, so it's always been an awe inspiring part of my reality. How fire can just erase life and everything in it's path.

I really love watching fire dancing, I think it is amazing what you can do. I was taught a little bit one night when two performed for our youth group, it is really difficult.

I enjoy the symbolism of fire, it represents the end of life, but it also represents life it's self. It is quite the paradox.


I'm the complete opposite and my element is water. I get very nervous around fire. Living in Southern California for years let me see a lot of it. I knew people who worked fire crews and people who lost everything.

But I really like your post and attitude. I upvoted and resteemed so others can see it :) Followed.

Fire is beautiful when you are in a cool place, where temperature is below 0C, but when you are in Asia where Temp is 45C then Ice will be very attractive for your eyes @madiba

Very good point! We wear sweaters if it is 24C here. I like water of any temperature since I am a swimmer :)

Thank you for that. It is really rough when you lose everything to fire. Do you do much surfing in Southern California? I am land locked so we don't get to see much water.

I am a swimmer - not a surfer, The Pacific is actually very cold in SoCal and I used a wetsuit to swim in it. I did more ocean swimming when I lived in South Florida. That was some nice warm water!

Do you have lakes where you are? Those are sometimes good places to swim. If I can find fresh water ponds or springs, I'm happy.

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Looks like hell)

yeah, controlled fire is bautiful

Fire is definetly something wonderful!

That is is.

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Wish you the same @funnystuff

I love fire. Made a post about how I want to end all my days fireside. I love water too though.

i hate fire, personally :) burning sensation whenever i see fire .

Fire is definitely not for everyone.

How exactly it is said! Better not say. "Fire: Beautiful and Dangerous!" @madiba

Water is also beautiful and dangerous..i love water although i'm scared of it..follow up, i am new here

Nice post. Very informative and useful to the reader. I agree, fire is very intoxicating, dangerous and beautiful all at the same time. Good work and good content. Will continue to follow. Enjoyed your post.

Thank you. What does Carpe Diem mean? I have heard it before.

Your welcome. Stay in touch. Will follow and look out for you. It means "seize the day." Live for the moment. You only have now. You only live once.

I think I had a bit of a pyro thing as a kid. Not that I ever burned anything down (honest, officer) but I loved watching fires and candle flames and sticking my fingers in hot candle wax. The bushfire pic you posted makes me feel so sad though, to think of all that destruction. I know sometimes they can be beneficial but they are just raging out of control due to human influence sometimes, and that's so sad.

It is very true that the human influence makes it worse. Most of the wild fires in my area are started by people who just like burning fields, it is pretty sad.

A good post is very useful friend salam know from me @abupasi.alachy

Interesting post. I have always loved fire - not in an obsessive, destructive sense but rather in a respectful, fascinated way. It's humbling how powerful it is and yes there's something almost spiritual and raw about it. Fire has played an integral part in humans advancing as much as we have and I think that speaks to some people on certain levels!

You really said it well!

Wow, that tree on fire is such a magnificent capture! Thank you for sharing...

No problem. Do you like art?