Garden. Beginning of the season.

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Good day to all. Whoever lives in his own house or has a dacha knows that the time has come to prepare the garden for planting vegetables. I haven’t dug up the garden yet, it’s still very damp, especially since it rained for two days, but I’ve already planted seedlings. I have 15 acres of land, I plant 8 acres with potatoes, the rest are tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, greens, etc. At first I bought seedlings, but now it has become expensive, is it a joke 50 rubles for one sweet pepper root, and I usually plant 100 roots of each crop. So I had to learn how to care for seedlings myself.

It turned out not so difficult, the main thing is to observe the desired temperature and daylight. There are also diseases in seedlings, a "black leg" is often found; the sprout dries out near the base and dies. This is due to frequent watering, but if you sprinkle the seedlings with wood ash, you can avoid this misfortune. In the photo of my seedlings 14 days after planting, some are still under the film. I planted seedlings on March 9th.

The seedlings have been here for a month.

And this is already now. I will plant it around mid-May, it all depends on the weather. But as it is customary for us, the main thing is to be in time for Trinity, and it falls on June 12th. The plans are to put a greenhouse on the site at the end of April, if it works out, then I will plant half of the seedlings there, and the harvest will be much faster.

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