Price Action

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Darling, what on earth is wrong?

The Good Lady came into the kitchen, alarm writ large on her face as if running from a house-cat with an erection.

I lifted my head slowly from the keyboard of my laptop and looked at her through reddened bleary eyes.

It's fucked. It's all fucked.

I whispered hoarsely.

What's fucked? Don't be like that, there is nothing we can't get through together? C'mon, tell me what's up?

It's HIVE... The price...

A despairing keening broke out of me.

What's wrong with the Hive price now?

Asked the Good Lady impatiently.

I hesitated as if afraid to speak the actual words.

The price. It's gone below 1400 satoshi!?!?!

I wailed, clenching my fists at the ceiling and shaking them as if the baby Jesus was up there in the plasterwork doing all his feeky Jesus'y things with his chubby Jesus hands.

Oh. Is that all? But darling, you told me the price didn't matter? Remember? 'I don't give a hoot about the price' you said!

She tossed her hair back with a chuckle at the memory.

I raised myself up from my elbows. Up to a near normal sitting position and inhaled deeply and slowly.


Slabbers flew from my mouth as if I were one of those dogs you see on holiday shagging a tree stump. Or worse yet, one of those COVID deniers making a frothy denier video with a peacock in their garden.

But... I... I don't understand. Why would you say it didn't matter if it did? Why would you lie about it? Why would you lie to me?

The Good Lady clucked confusedly like a chicken eating pasta.

I looked down and fluttered my hands out to the sides, shaking my head back and forth like a polar bear in a zoo before lifting my eyes to face her once more.

She deserved the truth.

Because I am a fucking DICK! Thats why!

There. It almost felt good to finally say it.

Oh Daddy-Bear, you're not a dick. Come here!

She held her hands out for a hug.

No lass. I can't. I've let you down.

I muttered at the floor, refusing to meet her eye.

You haven't let me down. You haven't let anyone down. Come on, let's have a nice cup of tea.

She beamed at me in that happy way that people who haven't ever gotten involved in crypto seem to be capable of.

Sorry, lass. No time for tea.

I said bleakly as I opened one of the kitchen drawers and started ferreting about.

What are you doing??

Her eyebrows beetled together frownily as she watched me searching.


I brandished a pack of chewing gum and waved it at her like a bendy penis

I always said if the price dipped below 1400 sats I would have to suck dicks to make ends meet.

I let out a broken sounding sob

It looks like that day has come.

I pocketed the gum and turned to the door.

What!?! Oh no honey, don't! It's never that bad?!?!?!

The Good Lady cried in horror.

I made a sad Badger face at her. All I had ever wanted was a lambo. Now, it looked like all I was going to get was an endless succession of beef Corvettes parking in my mouth garage.

Surely not. This couldn't be how it ended for old Boomy, could it?

Just in case there was a sudden save-me-from-my-bitter-fate crypto mooning, I looked at the hive price on my phone.


The price had dropped another 40 sats.


Better grab another pack of gum.


I hate it when dick sucking season comes early.

Hahaha!! Yes, it's never a good thing!!! ;0)

Don't forget your tooth brush. Just sayin'

I made a sad Badger face at her. All I had ever wanted was a lambo. Now, it looked like all I was going to get was an endless succession of beef Corvettes parking in my mouth garage.

That's it! The perfect lament for modern man.

The price has to go a lot lower for me, I fear. In fact, I could pay a bit each month for the privilege of owning Hive rather than that alternative. Sam doesn't need the high quality food I feed him after all.

Hehe, I must admit, there is a part of me that would relish a crash in price to bad steem days levels. I would buy in a bit more. As it is there is a fear of buying as the price keeps dropping. I could sacrifice some of the cats food money, they wouldn't mind, not really!

I saw a price chart in my travels this morning, and I am pretty sure it showed Steem at < 0.07 USD. So it could be worse :)

I am so tapped out right now, but would really like to put something into Hive. Anything would be good right now...

Steem is in the lead again, just inching over hive at 1460 sats compared to hive's 1401. It is certainly a bit of a crash. I think we have lower to go!

Ahhhhh. I didn't read the post, just glanced at the cover page as I went by.

In all honesty, I do not care except that I'd like to have some excess Fiat to buy more hive.

If it goes to 1000 sats I'll sweep every bit of BTC from a couple of wallets...

I think we could all do with some excess fiat right now!

I have a couple of wallets kicking about with stuff in them I could use too. Will defo keep an eye on the situation!

"I could pay a bit each month for the privilege of owning Hive....


I just want to know why ST++M is still worth as much as HIVE! That Justin-controlled pile of shit should be worthless by now. All the good people pulled out (no, not like that!).

I'm not desperate enough to suck the pink lollipops. I saw my ST++M be worth $100k for a short while, but I didn't cash out. I'll hang to my HIVE for now.

Spit, don't swallow mate.


I'll be spitting!

Yeah, I am hanging on to my HIVE too, till the bitter end!

I am baffled by the shitshow of sun. I sometimes pop over to look and it is literally a farming operation by a group of accounts. Yet they still have desperate newbs commenting everywhere their ridiculous nice post type comments and the token seems to be performing much as it ever has. It is quite frankly a mystery!

Oh. Is that all? But darling, you told me the price didn't matter? Remember? 'I don't give a hoot about the price' you said!

She tossed her hair back with a chuckle at the memory.

I raised myself up from my elbows. Up to a near normal sitting position and inhaled deeply and slowly.



Does this RESONATE... with EVERYONE...


My fiance and I both cracked, pouring out boisterous cackles of authentic pain.

Hehe, I'm glad it resonates. I think we all do it to a degree but every drop hurts that bit more!!!


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

We can start a Hive "Fund Me" post to raise funds to pay for chewing gum. a spittoon and some mouthwash.

BTW, a friend wants to know ... What's the going rate for a Boom Job



Yeeah!!! That will get me out of a hole, get Go Fund Me'ing! :OD

The price you say?? Why goodness...


Hodl my friend, One day sooner, later or never, having you and some friends are the precious price and prize being here.

Oh yes, never fear. The position is being held!!! :0)

Saw we were a cent under Steem today. SMH it is bloody brutal.

Their defo seems to have been a switch. I worry that we are actually in a spiral

I was hoping Voice might have some potential but by now I feel pretty jaded tbh.

I managed to get an invite to it and was gonna give it a whizz until I tried to comment via the app and it tops me that the commenting functionality had to be done through the website. I was like, ah, fuck it. It is getting pretty stagnant about here

Of course it is "in Beta". I think we have hear that before lol.

Just watch out with that used gum. Especially the dark alleys you leave it. I mean, those alleys where you seen to be headed for are full of broken glass and old needles. Watch out where you kneel, mate.

Maybe it's a super big pack and that's why I am taking it, for the kneeling!! Urrgh. I think I have overstretched myself, lol

I don't know what your health bureaucrats have been saying, but stateside, I haven't heard anything specific about fellatio as a COVID-19 vector. So at least there's one disease you might not get!

You know you are right, I havent heard anything like that either!! Well, every silver cloud, eh! :OD

Time to watch the classic again Boomy! Just imagine you are buying hive! ;)

wait, why is this line doing down?!!!

Hehe, I was trying to buy the bottom and bought 6K at 1840!! Lol. Them markets!!!

Hahahahh oh. The minute I saw the image I imagined you with pompons in your hands. But you might as well imagine something else after reading this😂😂

Haha, I think I have done a pom-pom one before!! Hehe, the other thing, yeek!!

I'm buying in at 1000sats so I hope it goes down...Having said that, I'd hold off on the cock sucking for a while if I were you Boomy, I think you may regret it. If you get antsy get a chupa chup and suck on that instead.


Chup a Chups!! I am saved. All is not lost!

If it hits 1000 I will join you in some buying. I think at the very worst it could bounce off that or just below and start a glorious climb. I fear the traditional alts of which HIVE is one are suffering relative to their flashier newer DeFi cousins

We'll see how it goes, either way though, I reckon you can find something far better to suck on than cock...Suck down some brew's mate...That'll keep you on the straight and narrow. :)

I reckon the brews are a far taastier and palatable option. As Socrates once said, the boab is never an option!

Smart dude, old Socrates. :)

He knew his onions, thats for sure!

Its a mite depressing... maybe I will ban coingecko from showing up on my browser.
Check your portfolio only once a year - Warren Buffet.

That's a good bit of advice from old Buffet!!

It is a bit, I check blockfolio on my phone many times a day for my other coins and see it every time. Maybe I will remove it for a while!!

Ha ha ha ha, better go for more, the price goes down ha ha ha, the good lady is a love of a woman, she is always willing to help you, she offers you tea, but hey, you are a couple who fit together like see in your post.
Cheers, and go for more gum, ha ha ha ha.

I will need shed loads of gum!!!

I reckon I will stick with the tea after all :0D

hello dear friend @meesterboom good afternoon
There are many positives when cryptocurrency values go down.
you can buy it cheaper.
in the 50% 50% division you receive more coins that go to your HP, when the value is restored your HP will have more value.

You can use these teams to not comply with your words, remember the proverb, when you burn with milk, when you see the cow you cry.

Have a great afternoon dear friend

You know me jlufer, I like a good proverb!!

I am hoping we will got the bottom and launch up like a phoenix from the ashes!!

You have me concerned now, i don't have as much as you invested here but still enough to be concerned. I also find it hard to believe you are posting a sort of serious post... Is it that bad 😜

Haha, hey!! It's not serious at all. I have no intention of going out to suck dicks for cash!!

But the price has tanked a bit. I all site it is just a blip... Hopefully!

I hope your right, if Meetserboom is selling himself things must be bad 😁
I can see from my votes that its getting bad... 😢

It's a grim time. Or a good one. Might be the calm before the storm!

Will it get worse?
I hope not.. you best start practising your sucking technique Haha

I shared this post on Twitter to try and get your work in front of more people.
You can find your post and me on Twitter if you like?
I've also upvoted you and shared your content on Hive.
Hope That Helps.

"If you don't have enough power or Crypto to upvote me; reshare me instead. Reshares are worth their weight in gold!"
Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

Yer a champ! Cheers!

Hahahaaha you are such a drama queen ........... no gum for you. We never get awarded with gum. LOL

Lol, you got me, I am a full fledged drama queen! But no gum? Ooft ,that is harsh :O)

Hey @meesterboom, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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You'll need more than chewing gum. Get some Listerine while you're at it, additional comvid19 protection that

Sod the Listerine, in going old skill. Full on TCP!!

Haha! TCP is the gold standard! Better load up on toilet paper as well (if there's any left in the shops)!