The Wilds of Glasgow

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Hey hey, hivey-jivers!

It's been a little time since my last post and thought I had better get something up to stick two fingers up to all the fuckers who claimed I was dead.

So take that, fuckers, I'm alive!

I would like to say that my life has been abound with excitement and witty tales but alas, in the never ending world of lockdown nothing ever happens.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Masturbation doesn't count... Whistles innocently

To break up the covid boredom I took the family to one of the nearby parks for a bit of a jolly.

Whilst Glasgow has a reputation for being a town full of drunks and random stabbings, what is often not talked about is its amazing parks.

We descended into this one, Linn Park...


It was later in the afternoon and the sun was setting behind the trees, I could lie and say I was not aware of this when I took my shots but I knew... Oh yes, I knew.

We beheld mighty waterfalls.


To my surprise, it wasn't all sunsets and trees. Oh no, there was more.

A giant ivy covered cock lent some contrast to the day.


I know. It's not often you see such a thing but when the opportunity arises you have to reach out and grab it. So they say.

Down by the river, things were starting to get jiggy...


I came upon a tree, its roots swathed in mossy blankets.


Alas, my phone went into crazy artificial hdr mode.

I attempted to fix it by running a high contrast b&w filter over it.


Then adding the colour back in on a new layer set to 'multiply.'


However the results made me deeply unhappy and I toddled off home to drink beer.

Which oddly enough made me very happy.

Cheers everyone!

And look, Glasgow makes the Pinmapple!!


Great post meesterboom.. Though I thought you was dead.. something colourful.. hit by a dump truck, drowned in a stench trench, strangled in the beef drapes of a Glasgow big gal who makes her own cheese within her own folds after an illegal night out of indiscriminate imbibition... these were the rumours anyway. Upon hearing them I nodded solemnly for I knew you died noble in a way we all wish to. Good to see you're still sucking the free oxygen of new normal Britain. Lol. I was flipping through your short stories the other day having a chuckle as I hadn't caught up with them in a while. Looking forward to the next time you chuck some more good old fashioned irreverent funny as f**** work up.

I am gulping down all this free for now oxygen whilst I still can.

Strangled in the beef drapes... What in the blazes, who talked!?! I thought i had murdered my way to silence on that one!!!

Cheers mate, I will be back with some tales as soon as something funny happens in this miserable lockdown ;0)

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I just moved house under the lockdown right as it came into effect matey. Was a massive b****. Something tells me more "rules" are coming. Soon we will only be able to blog about the pimple counts on our backsides. Lol. Get the exercise while you can. Soon that will probably be off limits as well.

There will be more rules and more danger and we won't be allowed out till summer. I am trying to get the exercise I can but fuck knows how massive I will be by then!

It is getting a bit silly at this point. When I speak to the American side of my family back in the states they relay it's grim, but they don't have a lockdown and their economy is doing well. Several work in critical care and are slammed with patients due to covid. A couple are quiet senior in their profession and control several hospitals within what we over here would call a large region. Think London to Edinburgh regarding size. So covid and the problems it causes are a real thing I believe. Well.... I don't think my blood kin are in on any conspiracy at least... Could be. Who knows. Maybe I'm a reptile part of the covid hoax from the planet ceres with nine dongs and a butthole ten yards around the corner so I never have to deal with my own crap. Who knows? .. I'll check in a bit. Lol. Jokes aside, the southeast of the states where they're at people are at least keeping their jobs and can live a little. But over here with the UK side of the family I'm watching peoples health and careers fall like dominoes. When I speak to former colleagues in health care here they sound pretty hollowed out. But our govs response is starting to feel more and more like a boot stomp rather than protecting the public though... As Britain's most famous boy buggering bard once said "Bad times are just around the corner". It's starting to look like it at least. .. well if jogging in place ever becomes an Olympic sport at least we know after this blighty is almost a dead cert for gold.

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It was magnificent!!! And strangely absent from any of the A Glasgow guide books I looked up or even Wikipedia!? :0D


They have missed a trick here. I'm almost tempted to fly over to check this monster out in person!

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I never realized that the sun ever shone in Glasgow. I thought it was only a perpetually grey city full of drunks and random stabbings that has random people publicly urinating. ... Wow, that sound a lot worse than the humurous sentence I planned it to be. Let's call it a Covid sentence.

I scanned through the comments and saw that others also thought your last photo would fit well in Witcher3 or Skyrim. Perhaps the description of Glasgow above could inspire a programmer for the next big city in a Skyrim expansion aptly named. Glasfel or Bierstabenpiss???

If Skyrim teamed up with the hive programmers so that you earned hive while playing ... I'd never see the light of day.

Glasfel!!! I like the sound of that. I far of they released an expansion of that kind that was also rooted into Hive them I would never see the light of day either!

I am lol'ing at that first sentence. It seems so apt!! :0D


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Nature is great. Even with the filters

All of life is a filter!! :0)

What a hoot going down to the park, oh the sun was falling but then the !BEER was calling, great photography, most enjoyable walk with you and the family.

@tipu curate

Hehe, cheers!

It was a marvelous day indeed, especially that end part!! :0)


Oh I could quite happily go a roaming seeing the highlands again.

Have a great new week and thanks for the token, need to learn more about this one...

Ooo, engage is a good one. Once you have 1000 you can trigger it by using the command above! If you fancy it let me know and I will help you on your way :0)

They are very lovely, if we had better weather I would be supremely happy! And no midgies :0D

Wee bit of winter one would think the midgies were out of town, at the moment mozzies are slaying us!

Looked into the token and have not found very much info on them, know they been around for sometime, would like to use them since they are a great way to thank folk.

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I have saw this wine about! I must get a little. I shall send you some engage next time all in my computer that hive engine actually bloody works on. lol

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You may have just inspired me to put up my own hiking post, though if they thought You were dead after a month, they must think I'm mere bones in the ground by now, ha!

That is some beau scenery. Mine is very very white right now, the only contrast is my mother's colorful jacket on our icy winter hike 😆

Definitely miss this place! Glad I caught your pop in on time meboom!

We're all dead!!! :0D

I wish it was whiter here. It's rainy and rubbish and also icy. Boo. Even our snow forecast for the next week has rain in it so it will be that horrible wet slush nonsense!

You should get a hiking post up, prove you ain't dead!! ;0)

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

Wonderful shots :)

I hope the park was also selling some shots, as the bars are closed, where in the hell are you supposed to get booze, damn it!

There was nada availabe! Not a thing and normally there is a little kiosk type affair that sells all manner of delights.

Not this time. Had to make do with what was in the house. But that was rather nice :OD

Yay Boomy post! It's been a while O_O

Whilst Glasgow has a reputation for being a town full of drunks and random stabbings, what is often not talked about is its amazing parks.

I read this out to my sister and we were wondering if this is perhaps because when you head out to enjoy one of said amazing parks you get randomly stabbed by a drunk? :D

I showed my sister the last image that made you deeply unhappy and she says it looks like a render from Skyrim (adding "not that I play Skyrim but you know" XD) XP

Lol. That's funny now that you say it because it does look like a reminder from Skyrim!! I have been playing that a lot recently. Too much in fact. I see dungeons in my sleep!!

There are parks where you would be best not to go to for the reason of the drunk stabbings. Always handy if you know in advance!! :0)

Yeh that's an indication that you might be playing it too much XD

Although if there's only so much you can do during lockdown you may as well take advantage of being able to do stuff that you normally couldn't do while the doing is good? :)

Thats my thinking exactly. I tried one of the old fallout games and was disappointed that it was so clunky so had to go back to Skyrim. Oh the perils of 21st century living!

Oh, Boom!! I've missed you and your Scottish Blarney. :))

Now, take those two fingers down and lets get back to writing, I've been living the Covid dream for far too long. (Not sick, just tired of it!)

Glad to see you!

All my tales would be set in the living room. That would be boring as feck. I need to be out and about living the life and clashing with silly folk! :OD

Carry on man! Run into the wind amd bring us tales of silliness. Soon. We truly miss you and your band of misfits. :))

Beautiful Glasgow, thanks for sharing those photos!

Lockdown and curfew suck (in a bad way) big time overhere too. It kind of drains out the creative inspiration, like a dark curse. Or something like that.

Sub zero out here, so I think I'll pop out for a bit of a healthy stroll.

Glad to know you are still alive and kicking! Was there not a song by some Wegian band that went like that?

Beer indeed can do some magic to battle the curse of the dark overlords.

Anyway, have a great one mate!


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It does drain the soul doesn't it? I find I could write a load of tales but for me they would be a bit boring if every single one was set in my living room!

Hehe, that works have been simple minds wouldn't it, Alive and kicking, I think it was. That is going back into the dark depths of the past that even beer fears to tread!! :0D

Have a good one mate, hope this lockdown ends sooner rather than later

It does indeed drain the spirit. And I don't know if a being in house all day story line could work. Repetition can become quite boring. Though with masturbation that does not seem to be case. At least so I've been told.

"So, I opened my eyes and realized right away, I was going to stay in, for yet another bleedin day." The End.

Groundhog day, it is something like that.

La la, la la la, oh hoo, Alive n kickin! Yep, that is the one.

Maybe in those dark depths of the past lay some stories sworen never to be tolethed while there was still a tongue in ones mouth. That is until lockdown and curfew came along and desperate times callethed for desperate measures. (And beer, of course.)

"Thus it began, the opening of Pandora her box. So I asked her to stop the French kiss, and get her tongue out off my mouth, because there was a story to be told..."

Now I would read a story that kicked off like that. Unlike something starting: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Way too realistic for the time being.

May the elf of fairytales sprinkle you with her magic dust once more mate!

Here's to better days ahead! 🍻

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Lol, you hit right on it!

"So, I opened my eyes and realized right away, I was going to stay in, for yet another bleedin day." The End.

The story we are all living. In fact the story of the 21st Century!

You know I had to actually decrease the amount of beer I was buying because I was getting a bit carried away. Now that is a sad day!! Who could ever have seen such a lament.

I am sure the elf will come as soon as I get out of the damned house and interacting with folk!

hey boomie! I thought it was I who was dead. I pop on (after months and months and see that you were dead too ;0) Nice to see you out in nature! Enjoyed the pics. Glad you and yours are well.
Of course, my fave place to be is outside, altho I must admit that now that it's 20 degrees F, I only have 2 places I go often, and that's right here on the computer with my 2 mind-expanding ZOOM classes- one Zoom is yoga and the other is beginner bridge. Please, spring, come forth, I need to get outta here!

Bridge!! It's that still a popular game? My chess set has a bridge set up on the reverse. I have always looked at it in compete bafflement :0)

It's funny isn't it, we have all been a bit dead. This dashed lockdown. I remember at the start of was all outdoors this and that but that was summer and it's a bit different in the icy nonsense of winter!!!

bridge is actually fairly popular , I suppose with the 60+ crowd mostly. it's actually pretty interesting. And learning it driving anywhere in sh*t weather is good with me! CHess seems to have had an upswing too esp with that movie THe Queen's Gambit.

I do play one game with friends outside- it's really popular here, don't know if you have it in UK, called platform tennis. Played in the fall and winter (there are heaters to melt snow and ice). I'd be going bonkers without it - here's a pic. It's like chess, but it's with a ball and paddle ;0)


I haven't seen or heard of such a thing. I am intrigued! I watched the queen's gambit on Netflix. It was quite good! Will have to check out the rules on bridge, it used to be dead popular here

I've decided to Bernie Bomb people's photos, because it's fun and this place used to be fun.


Lol. It took me a moment to notice the Bernie!! My thoughts were of another Mr Sanders for a moment :0D

And look, Glasgow makes the Pinmapple!!

I didn't know pineapple was made in Glasgow...?!?!?!?

It is one of our greatest secrets. There is only one place in the world that pineapples can be grown and that is Glasgow. We have to export them on the sly to exotic sundrenched countries so that they can pretend they are worth something to the world! ;0)

That explains why the skin of those things has a sort of plaid-like design to it.
I had always wondered about that little detail... You Scotts are a sly bunch.

Welcome back to the land of the blogging! My phone is crap, but at least HDR is always something I manually set with intent when I want it.

Hola!! Yes indeed, I usually have it switched off but occasionally my phone thinks it knows better and switches it on. Sometimes my phone is a prick. :0)

Amazing post! Thanks for sharing

Oh I like this! We need to come and crash Scotland. Seeing as ere already “Donald’s”. Might as well feel like we’re coming home. 😂

It would feel like that, Scotland always welcomes visitors!!! :0)

Isn't the entirety of Scotland known for drunks and random stabbings?

Looks like a great park and I wish that I had a bit of a waterfall to photograph, but there nothing around here at all.

Glad you are alive, as I enjoyed the two fingers immensely.

Apparently there are some hills up north that are stabbing and drunk free but I must confess, I find it very hard to believe!!

I always knew you were a finger man :0D



Fingers busy? Too many drinks and random stabbings? :D

Fuck sake!! Lol. I am brutally hungover today it must be said!! :0D

Yo tambien! El vino tinto got me, again!

That's what got me, the good lady wanted to get in on the bev action and asked if I would switch to sharing some red with her. I swear it was combining the two that did for me!

Mixing never ends well - but what are you supposed to do when one runs out?!

Totally man! As long as you arent mixing them in the same glass! :OD

Unless you see it with your own eyes, assume it is fake new :)

Hahaha. You sense of humour never fails to make me smile. Also, you should pin this post to pinmapple. It's definitely worthy.

Cheers lass! I would but I have no idea how. I'm too old school!! :0p

Well it's lucky I'm here to help you then! and go to FAQ for the 4 steps. It's pretty straight forward. You're in IT. Or were. Maybe you don't have a job anymore??? Either way, someone with your skills will be able to work it out pretty quick smart.

Haha! I did it!!! Perhaps I should have replaced the words old school with just plain lazy 🤣🤣

Trees just have so much character! :)

They do! Throw in some sun and bang!!!


Woot woot! :0)

Good to see you back Mr Boom.. :)

I'm like a bad spirit, can't get rid of me!! ;0)

Definitely not a bad smell... more a mad smell Haha ;)

There is madness in my methods!! Lol

I totally believe you, you have played the mad man well Oscar worthy :)

Maybe they will be giving be a call!!! Quick, where's my tiara!!!

You need to be on standby, I can see the award coming :)

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I like this very much and shall use it in future!!

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.