Meno is now crazy Series - Guitar for Lilly Wilton

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As promised, the craziness continues as planned. This time I'm sending out one of these to the mega talented and charming @lillywilton.

From her first entry to the #openmic Lilly has been of one those artists that bring our community a lot of joy and pride. As prolific songwriter, and actress and an overall awesome person, Lilly is someone that I'm grateful to have met on my Steemian journey.

I suspected she was evil... now we know...

Can't wait to hear/see what she does with it

What is this craziness about?

A short vlog explanation of this

In case someone wants to help us with the move

I told myself I would swallow my pride and put these addresses on these posts. Of course, I have no high expectations here, but one never knows. And my giving away of musical instruments is not conditional to the donations at all.

  • BTC: 3Pt8hsVcrHUd7NHn8A6oo8hWCcrRdffPpe
  • BCH: qp533qfgt30ltg9h7lkxdwzczj0pwvcd3v7m0gmha9
  • ETH: 0x9c3312A4e23e85712231aF65aC5143981FD48187
  • LTC: MQTckXPKwrSH4QMz4B8yn9xUXMLmpKCReb

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Weekend...

Much love

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Crazy like nuts.. this devilish looking guitar will match to her... "since i saw this pic of her in here" ^^... she have an Voice like an angel it looks like she got her devilish side also and maybe she can cook as a goddess :D

So lets get back to you... im so sorry i havent any cryptos to send but you know im always one of that which is helping first and thinking later what he did.. so i sedn some steem to your account my friend

Your good wishes is all i need my dear friend

toooooooooooooooo l8 my friend.... im sure you do good with my small stuff... and maybe at the first morning on your breakfast you think about my small gift...


raaawr thats what we want to know ^^

Good, good, send her guitars until she can't find the ukulele among them.

Whaaaa??? Y tho??? But I love the ukulele!!

Don't completely forsake the ukulele! :-)

Hi meno, we all know you are nuts/crazy but a good crazy. You are one of the free spirits on here that makes this place tick.

I have always said my brain is worth more than others as I have hardly used mine.

Wow amigo, no se quien es mas bella, si la chica o la guitarra jajaja
A final de cuentas siento que lo mas hermoso es el gesto que haces, es una obra de caridad y generosidad muy grande. Es genial ver como puedes dar alegrías a las personas con tan solo dar un obsequio, para nosotros los músicos el mejor regalo del mundo es un instrumento.
Felicidades a ambos.
Wow friend, I don't know who is more beautiful, if the girl or the guitar jajaja
After all I feel that the most beautiful thing is the gesture you make, is a work of charity and generosity very big. It's great to see how you can bring joy to people just by giving a gift, for us musicians the best gift in the world is an instrument.
Congratulations @meno

It's great to see you still going at it. I hope @lillywilton enjoys her new Toy!

She promised to pull a Joan Jett of her own soon... she promised


our battle is not yet done lillers

/me waits for your vlogseses

i know i know i know.

/vlogses are comin - promise

Oh .. the red Aladdin guitar .. that was mine for a couple months ;) .. I broke it in already :P ! Enjoy!

omg really?!?! Yay!! I'm getting so much good juju!! And it's named Aladdin now.

@meno and @lillywilton, to of my favorite people on Open Mic. So cool, and love the pics.