3 winter care tips for indoor plants

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Merlot Mama here, Todays MINUTE video is a all about care for your indoor plants in the winter time. I live in canada, so my plants cant go outside, but i let you know 3 big, easy tips on how to improve their lives indoors during winter.


  1. Keep plants away from drafts

Plants dont like cold drafts. What they do like is warm wind though. I know we tend to keep our plants on the windows sills but if you are like me and live in a cold climate, keep them away from windows with cold drafts (or vents).

  1. Water your plants LESS

The air in the wintertime is a lot more DRY then in the summer time, with the summer sun providing more moisture in the air. Therefore, lay back on the watering. Check your soil using your finger or a moisture meter.

  1. Provide more light for your plants

The light/sun in the winter time has a lot LESS uv rays then the summer sun. If the plants cant see the sky, they likely arent getting the proper lighting, but with that being said... you can use artificial light such as grow lights and bulbs in the winter time.