Stop the hate, learn to forgive and let go.!!

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Stop the hate, learn to forgive and let go.!!


Life is so short, hate will drag you down with too much stress.
once it's done, it's done already and you will never back time to fix everything.

I know you hurt in the past, but in order for you to move on,

you must learn to forgive those who sin's against you
as the father in heaven forgives your trespasses.

Forgive and forget!! past is past...
learn to give 2nd chances to those people who broke your trust.
people change, they deserved a second chance to prove themself to you.
let it be, it's not the end of the world, right?

Learn to let go of things, even it is hard for you because it's beyond your control.

anything will happen in certain events.

Look on the positive side and different aspects of your life.
be happy to forgive others' faults.
we are not born to be perfect but we have humility and kindness born in our hearts.


Learn to listen to people with good advice.
it is very good for you and give you much more energy to be happy in life.

Don't expect too much on your good plans to succeed more than you expected to be,

just go on to the flow, when the result gets your expectation, it's good.

but when it doesn't then lean on the events according to your plans,
on how they use to be, then learn to adjust, keep in mind that things
will not always in your favor, but it is in God's time.

Seek the goodness of your heart,
Seek the words of wisdom.
spread good vibes and positivity.

that's is your legacy.