What about women who feel attracted by 25 year old men independently from their own age? 😉

So what are you saying @surfermarly? 😂😅

I think you can read between the lines, can't you? :-D lol

I’m sure they have their reasons too. But that’s a topic for a whole other podcast/blog post!

Sure! I'd be definitely reading /listening to it :-)

Well I guess depends, my theory is that they are attracted to women around 25th because they felt at full power or peak performance then and they assume that the woman is the same. I happen to be 40th from yesterday and I feel that peak performance and life of a woman is around this age so maybe we should break the news :))

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Happy birthday! I recently turned 40 too and I know what you mean. Confidence, knowledge and making the best of yourself often comes with age. And that’s a very attractive combination I think 😁

I like rich women more 😂

Nice to know you are not ageist! 😁

I think men will always like the younger women, because it boosts their ego . Some may never go after it , but most likely because they don’t think it would happen for them , or their pride will be hurt. Who knows what men think anymore ?

Sounds like a bit of a mid life crisis thing!

As a man, I gotta say that the answer isn't a simple yes or no. Everybody's different, but generally, I would say yes. There is a difference though in simply admiring a woman's beauty, and finding her physically attractive, and being attracted to a woman. There are lots of women out there that are very beautiful, and men will notice that involuntarily. Just cant help it. That doesn't mean, though, that he has any desire or intention of being with her. Also, the older I get, the less tolerance I have for dramatic, inconsequential, silliness. Which not all, but many young women seem to eat sleep and breath. lol. Makes me more and more glad I already have a good wife.

Thanks for reading and for your honesty :)