Please Welcome Little Ricky To The World!

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The Little One Is Finally Here

I've just gotten home from the hospital after 3 really difficult days of labor. Amanda was dilated to 8cm before they decided to call it and give her a c-section.


The baby's heart rate from dropping from 148ish to 60bpm each time she contracted. They were starting to get a bit worried that he was in distress, so we had to get him out of there!


We've both been extremely exhausted, as you might expect.


It may be a while before I'm back to my old level of posting, as sleeping has become a real luxury! Hopefully I'll be back into the swing of things soon! Wish me luck, Hive family!


Very happy to see one more baby in the world and on Hive.
And I'm crossposting articles about children in Kidz Community.

Thanks! I joined your community and posted. Nice!

Sir @nuthman I congratulate you for your new baby. I wasn't aware that Amanda was preggy, your baby is just cute, they just grow tooo fast too os enjoy them now :D

Thanks @cryptopie! We didn't talk much about the pregnancy to start with because it was high risk. But now it's all fine since everyone came out healthy.

Thank goodness everything turned out okay. I noticed the other day that you haven't been posting, then I remembered the reason why! Take it easy and get the rest that you can! Congratulations!

It has been a wild ride, but everyone is good and we're loving it! I'm finally starting to catch up on my sleep but let's see if that continues...

Awww!! ❤️❤️❤️!! Congratulations, Dad! 🥳🎊👏 And welcome to little Ricky! From now on,your life will be happier my friend. Congratulations to amanda,too. I hope she gets better soon. It must have been hard to go through three days in that process. But surely with that prince in her arms everything is forgotten quickly! Hi is so beautiful!! Blessings and happiness for the family! 💜🙏

From now on,your life will be happier my friend.

I think you are right, I am already much happier than before! Thank you so much for your comments and wishes. :)

Ahhh! So cute Rick, and yes sleep is very precious indeed!
My happy congrats to you both, and to Amanda 😀 Well done clever GIRLIE 🍾

Thanks Andy, we are super happy!

Congratulations to the three of you!

Thanks, @shaka! We are loving every moment with this little guy, poopy diapers and all. haha

Congratiulations Mommy and Daddy with this beautiful little baby boy! Enjoy your family time, and I wish a speedy recovery for Amanda. Take all the time you need, Hive will still be there when you come back, but the first weeks / months with your baby boy as a family can never be repeated.

Thanks @hetty-rowan, we are doing our best to catch up on some sleep! Slowly getting there. I am so happy with this little guy!!

Congratulations to you and the Mama.

Mine is 40 days old. I've been sleeping when she does and I feel like I get enough sleep.

Very happy for you.

Thanks and congrats on your little one as well! How is your baby sleeping now? I was just wondering how long it takes before they sleep through the night.

Congratulations to both of you (and the little man too of course).

Thanks dude! We are loving it

Congratulations to both of you!

Thanks a lot!

Congrats mate! So happy for you and Amanda. Take all the time you need to bond with your baby. Congrats!

Thanks, Nonso! We are so happy with this little guy.

Omg! Congratulations you two! He is adorable😍😍😍😍 Look at his tiny handsss.... Gosh... You have such a beautiful baby❤️ I wish Amands lots of health and easy recovery after her C section. I congratulate you for your new status:daddy. 😍

Welcome into the world Ricky!

Thanks @creativemary! We are over the moon in love with this little guy. If only I could get my energy back! haha

Hey! I can only imagine how much happiness and exhaustion you must experience now. But that is why babies are so so cute, so parents wouls endure all the hardships for them 😊 Is he sleeping well? How is Amanda? I can tell this is difficult for you, so many things to be taken care of. But little Ricky will grow and it will be so much fun.

Oh my God..Fantastic...In between work and sleep take as many pictures you can.. and post some for us when you can ....thanks...congratulations You guys....

Thanks a lot! Yeah, I've been trying to take a lot of pictures because I know they don't stay this small for very long!

congratulations brother! I had no idea you were even expecting. I need to pay better attention.

Thanks! It's all good. I only recently started talking about it because it was a pretty nerve wracking pregnancy. Because it was high risk, we were kind of scared to jinx it by talking too much about it, but here's here and super healthy now!

Oh my!!! He's such a ray of sunshine!!!

I saw your post on Whaleshares , may your daddy s life be the best
You have a beautiful baby .
Big hugs to Amanda for such courage and to you for holding on

Hey Little Ricky welcome to the world. May god blessed you.