Where do the difficulties of life lead you?

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It is easy for any one of us to fall under the weight of life's challenges and diverse experiences, but the most complete and beautiful, the challenges of life lead us to the throne of grace, where we sat on the throne and opened his arms to you and me to include us with his care and warm us with his love and hear the whispers of our hearts and contact us.
(1 Samuel 1:13) The narrowness of life did not lead her to despair and the loss of hope, but he ignited within her the spark of hope to lead her to his hand, not only all things Our lives, but with his own hands and all those who dwell in it .. Holds and holds everything by the word of his power ..
Hanan received an effective prayer that attracted the Lord's ears to her, so God looked to her heart and heard the voice of her hand.
Hanna learned that God is the only one who can get herself out of trouble, listen to her complaint, and deal with her inner spirit and her difficulties from the outside.
It is striking that after Hanan finished her prayers, she returned to her house and ate, and her face was not changed yet. Why? Because true prayer leads to heart and mental peace, then we realize that our burdens have moved from above our backs to my hands and we have seen the God of all grace and help which in His time hastens.
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