Some natural pictures of the village

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Pictures taken of the natural beauty of the village. The fields of the village are green plants.There are green fields where it was originally given and there is a small pond with a small pond where a small dinghy boat is taken which is a scene that we usually see in the village and Naogaon At the entrance of the village I see boats in the urban areas.A lot of things happen because we know that green fields in rural areas are green crops and different kinds of good places are the scenery we see and the weather from urban areas to rural areas and open spaces canals.We see many natural places in the village . Needless to say, there are always rivers, canals, beels, fields and different new places.


The current image is of a rural area where fishermen are fishing in green fields and nearby rivers to earn a living.This is a common picture of the countryside where we all see the river flowing along the green fields and the fishermen are fishing in that river for their livelihood and through their various activities they are busy plowing and the farmers are busy cultivating paddy. and Someone is busy with their own work and responsibilities.A fisherman is fishing, a software is working in their field, someone wants to cultivate rice, different people have different jobs, and we find this natural beauty only in a village where a poet or a writer's artist adds a picture of the natural beauty of such a village as I have shown in this picture.


As shown in the picture above, there is a boat or dinghy sitting on the river.There is a beautiful view of a good village that we see in the rural areas. There are different types of beautiful areas in the rural areas like there is a good forest garden and older river big river small river boat stand and good garden big beauty good good flower garden. From place to place in rural areas we think we are always new and we visit good places and here we went a lot. We are sitting.


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