Hidden treasure

in #life4 years ago

Today I was looking in some storage boxes on my attic which remained unopened after moving into our house, now more than 10 years ago.

To my surprise I found this lost treasure, a nice piece of amethyst, that for some reason I had completely forgotten.


I remember buying this piece in Rio the Janeiro, in a shop filled with all kinds of gemstones and beautiful crystals.

It is now, after more than a decade “living” inside a storagebox, reinstalled in our livingroom so we can enjoy this wonderful piece of nature ervery day.



I hear Brazil is a great place to pick up Amethyst. Time to display your gem!

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That really is a nice looking treasure. Everytime we move we end up finding boxes from the last move that were never opened, and are destined to only be opened when the time is right I guess.

Lovely colour inside this amethyst the one we have is a soft pink, I would drill a hole through the wood and convert that into a lovely lamp for the lounge, should throw a lovely light into a room @rolf.bakker

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