The gift of another year - Birthday

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Hello steemians! Help me greet my cousin who is celebrating her 20th birthday.

Her name is Nina. A very diligent lady and lives the virtue of being Filipina. We are childhood friend tho our gap is 5 yrs. Haha.I consider her to be my younger sister. We grew up together and shared many many things in life. We play mud back then, chinese garter, bahay-bahayan, we go to farm to harvest corn, in the river to catch fish and swim etc. I love her so much tho I dont use in voicing out my feelings for her. Caring, assisting and a countless advice for her is the way I show my love.

This girl loves music. Her voice is really so angelic. When she was young she joins many contests and by God's grace she always won and had a money as a prize. She gives the money to her parents which they use for their daily needs.

She is taking medical technology at University of Baguio, Philippines and at her 3rd year level by now.

I thank the Lord for saving her soul. I do pray that she will continue to trust God, to grow in her faith, and let the Lord use her in the ministry as she render her voice in worshiping the Lord.

For those who have younger sisters or brothers out there, let's strive to be a good example to the younger generation. Tho the world is not doing well, crimes and sins are rampant, let's help them to live a righteous life, show the love of the Lord to them and let's teach them to fear the mightest God. Sharing the gospel is the best thing we could ever impart to them. A continues prayer to our love ones is the most powerful things we can do. By this, we can be a light in the darkness of this world.

Thanks for Reading