Some Thoughts After A Tougher Week Before Bed

in #lifelast year

Been taking it easy today after a more difficult week. Heck it's been a rather wild last couple of years haha! Yet I also feel a good change in me, some good confidence. I feel it's about keeping the good feels and vibes going. I feel a beak out. Did some work at a place where people live in poor conditions. It reminded me to be grateful and what some people go through and how they are living.

I want to keep talking, thinking, expressing. Stay in the groove, get on the rolls. I'm currently working on another song that I would like to make a post about soon. Tomorrow is free. I will relax more and want to play more guitar, get some lyrics and ideas going too. I used to stay up late allot, lately I've been giving myself a break and going to bed a bit earlier.

I'm going to allow myself to focus on a few different projects, try and get and maintain a flow. I have intuition that I will be happy there if I keep making and playing. I want to focus on my problems too, to forget my worries. Then I aim to try and go out and be a bit social to feel normal. Then after the refresh, get back to creative mode again.

Well I'm glad I could think just a little. Writing something down, anything, seems to help me relax for sleep.


Glad you're feeling better and take things easy. Hope you're able to relax and clear your head for some guitar practice 🙂