exertion, March 30th

in #life4 months ago

The biggest challenge to my growth must be my determination to sharpen the saw. Days pass as I continue in my daily efforts, but the results tend to vary. Some days I manifest completely the visions that populate my mind, taking inspiration from my environment to channel into passion. Others, I laze about and chastise, chiding the insecurity I harbor while blasting those around me. Though, nearly every instance I struggle, the solution remains literature. Nothing serves my journey or accounts more than another’s. Maybe a personal bias clouds my perspective, insistent that my inspiration come from contemporaries or peers, but almost without fail, I see the efforts of predecessors carving their own path throughout and in thoughts, journal entries, novels, newspapers and magazines, the permanent of their objects is felt.

Today, I issue myself a new task, not another beginning to fall through, or an excuse without correspondence. I remembered the solitude in self-study and the reassurance it brings that there is knowledge to satisfy curiosity, that my thoughts are not so isolated and incomprehensible. It is no understatement to admit, one can only teach what one’s learned. I cannot suddenly strike anyone with my revelation much less a lightning bolt strike me and suddenly reform my ways. I learn as I forge my own path, diligently following the details left behind those blazing their trails. In this regard, this quarantine brings me closer than I could fathom to people and problems never before seen. With the whole world put on hold, I refuse to lose another moment.


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