Disappointment, in all of us

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I'm disappointed in people

If you recall in my last post, I don't get out much. I've been trying to do my part and stay home, stay safe, be cautious. I needed to go out to the store, so I grabbed my bandana (waiting on my mask order to arrive) and brave the "storm."

The one thing I did not expect to see, traffic. Like a lot of traffic. It's a nice sunny day today, and I guess everyone is out of food??? No, lines wrapped around the building of every fast food place I passed, nothing looked closed, anywhere, save the lobby of the restaurants. This is what is going to get me killed, other people.

My roommates still have guests, frequently. I know it's because this is a small(ish) town, and it hasn't really "hit home" yet for some of these people, but it's going to, and it's going to be rough.

I wanted to get some pictures, but it would have been irresponsible of me while driving, and when I did stop, I was too concerned with getting my meager groceries and leaving. To those of you deemed essential, I salute you, not for being a hero, but for having to put up with stupid people's stupid shit.

Take care, everyone,
Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM


I salute you, not for being a hero, but for having to put up with stupid people's stupid shit.

Thank you for your support.

I scheduled myself for 4 hours today. My roommate and I went home after 30 minutes for a lack of restaurant delivery offers. We're both independent gig workers and considered essential. I feel for all of my fellow gig workers that are braving the crowded stores. My roommate and I would probably still be out there working today if we were younger and didn't have compromised immune systems. It's a tough choice between paying the bills and risking exposure by some idiot who can't respect other people enough to social distance and take precautions. I'm seriously considering switching to grocery delivery and just self-isolating at home.

Our tri-town area has a population of about 3,500 people. We drive 20 miles to the next city to work 4 or 5 days a week. Lately, we don't even work full shifts. Most restaurants are not allowing people inside so our risks have been minimized substantially, but so has our access to restrooms and washing facilities.

I stopped at a store since I was in the city to get a lawnmower belt (My grass is almost 12" tall) and didn't even go in. They were lined up around the building to get their plants and potting soil, 🤦‍♀ leaving those of us that need the essentials such as chicken feed, horse feed, dog food, and parts to either brave the crowded store or pay 30% more at the local co-op. If the co-op even has what we are looking for. It didn't have a belt for my mower.

Until last week we had no cases in our county. Now we have 2. Since Tennessee Govoner issued the shelter in place order I've seen little change in traffic. What's worse is that people are flocking to one of our small towns to buy items they can't find in the city.

I feel your disappointment. Every time I deliver orders I'm amazed at the people still congregating and tailgating in residential areas. While the public parks are closed people are still flocking to the lakes and rivers to go boating and fishing. Many coming from Nashville or further away. It wouldn't be so bad if they were practicing social distancing and not packing into the few shops we have.

Where at in Tenn? I'm actually currently in Shelbyville. Small world.

I'm a couple hours drive from you. It is a small world.

I agree! I wish people would be a little smarter and quit acting like they can't stay home for a whole 24 hours.