New start... Again...But I don't give up

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Hello my dear friends! So... So I'm starting over. I really hope that my previous post will help those of you who are really interested in my life and the life of my animals find me.
I'll be honest. I'm under a lot of stress right now. My head is heavy and cloudy like I'm having a bad hangover... I've been working on my blogs since 2017... I've developed them, I tried to make them interesting. Now they've been stolen. I am very hurt and embarrassed.

Yesterday I was quite chaotic. Now I want to explain what is @torem-di-torem blog and why I'll post here.
Once upon a time, when we were still starting on Steemit, we had two blogs: @animal-shelter (which was stolen yesterday) and this one. On the first blog we talked about our animals. Here we talked about life and our hobbies. After the divorce, both blogs, by agreement, went to me. But I posted more on the first one.
Now it's probably the turn of this blog to evolve. This will be a new concept as I plan to combine everything I do here. I hope I can make it interesting.
It's hard for me to start all over again, but I hope that most of our friends will move here with me. I really need words of support right now. And I am grateful to you that you do not leave me in this difficult situation.



Never Give up dear, very sad news dear, sorry for that.
I am always with you. God bless you strong.

just keep making your lovely animal post And everyone loves your work

Here for you hun, ww need lots of photos of the animals on here that will give you lots to do with this page. People are so greedy, they take what's not theres so as not to put the work in. They about me so much. Sending hugs 🫂 🤗 and support ❤

Ого, щойно натрапив на ваші пости про викрадення акаунта. А як це взагалі сталося? Цікаво б було знати, щоб і самому не потрапити на гачок (хоча, чесно кажучи, я не уявляю, як це можливо)

Привет! Я сама не знаю, как попалась... За пять лет ни по одной ссылке не переходила, а тут как затмение нашло какое-то. Вот такое они рассылают (теперь уже и от моего имени). И еще. Очень советую поменять аккаунт для восстановления со Стима на хайв (если Вы еще это не сделали), иначе, если украдут аккаунт, восстановить его будет невозможно (у меня в одном из последних постов есть ссылка на пост свидетеля)
Кстати, я не вижу Вас с супругой на Blurt. Присоединяйтесь! Там тоже очень позитивно и очень приятная компания.