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RE: This is my last post on steemit... I am sorry if I failed

in #life4 years ago

i hope you will reconsider after some time away. there is no failure, there is only lessons learned and time passed. not all is good, but the man or woman who succeeds has done so after many lost roads and wrong turns. we are all shadows, we are all sun and moon and stars that burn hot and fade. keep creating, keep believing, and know that while sometimes you do not get what you need, it does not mean people have stopped caring.


This. This right here is EXACTLY the mindset that I myself keep and hold myself to. 'Failure' isn't even a thing - it's simply an experience, a chance to learn, to grow, to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the things that we feel that we've "failed" at. We never fail - we only gain an opportunity to improve and learn from something that made us feel as if we didn't do well enough, or do enough in general.

I wish it could be as easy as you say ... But I still want to get the chance to show how beautiful I am ... Probably there must be a right moment , as the right person doesn't exist

Thank you... Probably I am too sensitive, I don't know, but weathever you said it's true; I am not sure about turning back, I always leave everything behind

I understand. I have the same habits, but while leaving is less painful and gives a change of scene, you again start from nothing until the lesson is learned. staying is more painful, yet has more chance of reward for learning, connecting and growing. take a break, meditate, reflect, and do what is right for you!

i am "experienced". having been where you are, I say what I needed to hear. hugs

Exactly. Leaving makes your heart heavy and you store so much hurt inside and it kills. Stay, learn, and one thing about life is, if you haven't learned the lesson, no matter where you run to, you will always repeat the experience.

You have no idea how much your words means to me. You are very wise, I must say

Good, leave it behind, but pick the lessons rather than the hurt. Trust me, I've been burned and hurt by people really close, but that won't stop me from being myself. I am a sensitive person, as you too. Every little thing matters and count with me too. Like he said, it doesn't mean people stopped caring. Please, my friend.