In Life, Just As Many Times You Fall, As Many Times You Need To Get Back On Your Track As Well

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Good afternoon from Romania once again, fellow HIVE users as well as dear readers from both HIVE and outside of it! For today's second post here on my HIVE blog, as a continuation of the previously published one on being self-resilient, I dearly wanted to write a bit about being determined and strong-willed when you face life's many adversities and how you must overcome them, knowing you have the power inside to do so!

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First of all, after a particular age I always had in mind the following saying: as many times as you fall, as many you need to get back and rise! Indeed, it proved quite a great saying and I duly applied it in my life... I had no other choice, of course. But, what's more important, is that with each and every adversity I faced which temporarily put me in a delicate situation, I emerged stronger and wiser than before, which I consider a fantastic blessing! Not only this, but I managed to learn something from any previous nasty experience in order not to repeat it again... and here I am mostly talking about financial difficulties... we all have them after all... Sometimes you are obliged by fate to make it on your own.

So it is that I got up wiser, stronger, and more knowledgeable than before which made me re-consider several aspects of life in general and my life in particular. That being said, I know very well from now on that we all have the potential and the power deep down inside to overcome adversities and emerge stronger than before, while being gentle and kind at the same time. However, here's where free-will comes in play. It's all up to us how we want to conduct our life... would it be in this manner or otherwise? The choice is always yours... It is up to you to forge your own path in life, despite how many hardships you previously had to face... do it wisely and kindly! Until next time, I truly wish you all the best!

Thank you very much for your time, attention, and readership here on my HIVE blog! I am very grateful for them! All the best, much health, take care, stay safe, many blessings, and great peace your way! God bless you, have an excellent day, and a wonderful week along with all your dear ones! Best regards from Romania!

You always have the power to stop a domino avalanche of adversities in your life. Use it wisely! Image source: Pixabay

Many blessings your way, all the best once again, much health, take care, stay safe, and, just as in the words of Ringo Starr, peace and love your way! Great peace and a lot of love your way, I might add! Have an excellent and most peaceful day along with your close/dear ones! Namaste and great peace your way once again! 😊🙏✌️☮️

Also, please don't forget to keep praying for Ukraine and its people! Much love, blessings, and peace to Ukraine and the Ukrainians as well! May the war stop very soon! 💛💙🇺🇦

P.S.: Thank you very much for all your support, readership, attention, precious time, appreciation, re-blogging, and feedback here on HIVE. 😊

Stay blessed, loved, well, and safe along with your family and friends! Cheers and please stay tuned for more amazing content on my HIVE blog! 😊


Salut @vikthor, I agree with you! I want you to get out of trouble!

Good day and thank you very much for stopping by and for your comment! Very much fortunately for me, I am not in trouble nor do I experience significant hardships in my life at this moment. At this time, I am, thank God, experiencing a smooth, positive curve in my life! I hope I will keep it going for as long as possible! All the best!