How We Met

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When you have been married a long time and still like each other, people have a tendency to ask how you met.

(Aug 1991) He already had salt and pepper gray hair.

The funny thing is that we never had a "met" moment. We lived in the same small town. I have no specific memories of meeting him. I just knew he was around, I would hear his name in passing. I recognized him if we passed in the store.

I didn't think about him much, never really considered him. He's a good looking man, but there are lots of good looking men. I just didn't have any strong feelings about him one way or another.

When we first got to know each other we were both in a wild phase. My parents owned a bar, my mom was sick and I came home to run the bar while she focused on her health. I was 19. He was drinking in the bar, playing pool, hanging out. I still didn't really notice him. He was nice, polite in the crowd and I remember liking his smile. We'd occasionally have a friendly chat. I knew he loved basketball as he was often coming to or from league games when we exchanged pleasantries.

After my mom's health improved I went back to Spokane, continued living wild and made some poor life decisions.

During the next couple of years, separately, we both wanted change.

By the time I was 21, I realized my life choices were not getting me what I wanted and that I had missed learning some life skills in my home. My parents were alcoholics and while they did their best, it handed me some weird coping skills and self defeating behaviors and I started to seek healthy choices, emotional healing, and more education.

When I moved back to our small town again, he was in AA, out of the bars, riding bikes, playing basketball, coaching, working on education and we started a friendship based on that connection.

I do still remember the moment when it changed, I looked at him one day and saw him differently, it was a paradigm like moment. I felt an attraction, a stirring and ... also surprise. Why hadn't I ever "considered" him in this way?

We dated for 6 months or so and moved in together in 1990. We were married in August of 1991. There have been tough times, but it always felt "Right". That's not to say everything was perfect or smooth.

That's how we met and also didn't met, we just knew each other.

How'd you meet your partner?



I met my partner whilst out with friends 33 years ago, cant get rid of him LOL :)

I hear that!

Met my GF in on a night out through mutual friends originally. Crossed paths a few times over the years. Timing was never right until lately and we started dating a year ago after meeting back in 2013 the first time.

Lots of life experiences and different directions in between but it's better timing now. It would never have worked back then as we were on two different paths whereas we are both on the same page now.

Funny how these things turn out.

Nice! It is funny how things turn out.

without going into toooo many details we both had love of things like tech and blockchain and were friends for months and months and it progressed and finally met for a date and now we are married going on 2 1/2 years. :)

We both were aware of what we wanted in a person and more importantly didn't want and we just clicked.

I love this post . It shows how with the right person anything that comes up in life you can get through. It is what makes people stay together both through good or bad .

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....It sounds like a an adult way to start a solid adult relationship.
(only hypothesizing, my life choices doesn't mirror anything like that in this regard)


I love that it just happened. So often that is what will make a strong relationship because there is no pressure, nothing to aspire to; it is just what is supposed to happen. I love that.

As for me, it was a series of "BOOM" with Scott. This is how I met my husband. Definitely a different situation for sure. Of course, I had been married three times before (widowed once, divorced twice) so I was a little more careful on this choice.

Great post.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.

I'm so happy you found him.

Aw what a great story.

I met my wife are our part time job, took 10 years to marry her, and have had over a decade together. She is a patient woman!

Haha! Nice. I bet Mrs. Zeke is awesome.

Indeed she is. Didn’t even throw me out when I told her she was my silver fox either. Sure cost me a lot of wife points though...

There have been tough times, but it always felt "Right". That's not to say everything was perfect or smooth.

What you have there is a marriage, and it's also an inspiration. Thanks for sharing

We've been lucky and also, we both stayed when things were hard.

Still waiting to meet mine but I'm not too fussed, it will happen when it happens.

Thanks for sharing your feel good story, glad things worked out for you!