To you my friends

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This, I am writing to make a point about why Hive to me is possibly the most successful social media platform there will be. Emphasis on the words to me. I am a person with lesser control over my emotions. Hence they seep through my words in the posts that I usually write. They are full of rants and nonsensical blabber born out of emotional turmoil. But, the most amazing aspect about Hive is that, people can comfortably put such thoughts out while other people, the readers may even show some form of care without passing any judgment. And, For me that care from some of the people who I came to know over the years goes even far and beyond. I wonder if that was possible on any other social media.

For a few of us, Hive even worked as a dating site. Including me, a few of us found romance here. I'm not even kidding! It is unsure whether these relationships may be long-lasting, but, so far, I've seen people find possibly the best matches anyone can find in a lifetime. I'll not mention the names of these lovely people as they are very close friends of mine, and I must respect their privacy, but that is what hive offers. This "love found online" is quite common in other social media even, but I feel what hive offers in that retrospect is something special. Something that's far-reaching and has the potential to change lives.

I have found many friends here over the years who actually managed to occupy special places in my life. I always had some psychological issues stalking me everywhere I went. Before Hive, I had somewhat learned how to manage them alone, on my own. Then these people came, unburdened me, and now I have become very dependent on these people whenever I am under stress or going through issues. And because of that, even if catastrophes with severe outcomes come and mess up everything, all hopes don't go out, some remain, always.

What we have going on, has a depth so deep that now we can call ourselves a very close-knit family. We care for each other, help each other out in times of need and pick each other up when we fall. And these are long-lasting bonds, not bound by time and space. People are supposed to stick by you in good times and leave when times are bad. It has established itself quite well to be in reverse. At times it feels like even if doomsday comes, and Hive ceases to exist, we few, in the end, will keep this going on, still. It may sound cheesy and full of naivete, but I very certainly can stick by my words and, with assurance, can say, all of us share this sentiment mutually.

I am not going to mention the names of all of you guys as it will prove to be arduous and very repetitive, but if you are reading this, you know exactly who you guys are. You guys are like the warmth of the sun on a foggy hazy winter morning. I see you guys smile a bit you know while reading this.

Especially you, Doc. I can see your smile expand ear to ear while thinking about something funny to say.

And you, the atheist guy, and your newfound heart. I see you guys warm up inside you know.

I also can see the kids smile, thank you for thinking of me as an older brother. I might fail at not disappointing you, but I will never let you down, I promise.

And you, my brothers, who made it possible for me to dream.

I see you too, you lads and ladies who I have made into my family. I can not see my mentor anywhere as he is very disappointed, I will try and change that into being proud someday. Or may die trying.

And finally, you. Thank you for existing, sunshine. Or else this reality would have been hard to live in. I wish the day I fall asleep for the last time, your crimson red eyes are what I wish to look at in the end.

May god bless all of you the faithful and the godless sons of bitches. And god bless Hive.


This was cute and heartfelt. Finding hive was great for me because I treat is as my mental dump, I write and create whatever content I like without thinking too much about who is reading or isn't. I have also made great friends and connections out of it because everyone here seems kinder and more in touch with their humanity.

A dating site? Who could have thought; haha.
This was a lovely read.

No one ever thought of it like that but fate works in mysterious ways, as it did for us in Hive:p

That is good you know, fearing no judgement and writing what the heart tells you to write.. Thank you for your kind words:)

We care for each other, help each other out in times of need and pick each other up when we fall. And these are long-lasting bonds, not bound by time and space.

This is very true Sakib Bhai. Constructing a family in a good way, those all qualities must have in one which assists not to break down bonds in any storm. Hope the bondings will last forever and the journey of it will go on.

the bonding will last, at this point I'm quite sure of that. If you want to keep something, it must be cherished with more effort than it requires. It will, till the end.

A big ole cheers to that. 🍻

A lot to learn and a long way to go still. ☮️🖤

Aint that the truth bro. someday we will be at the top, looking down at the past mistakes we have made and watching how they dont matter anymore. till that day brother.

till that day brother.

Till that day indeed. Cheers bhai 🥃

"When you're all alone, I will reach for you,
When you’re feeling lost, I will be there too,"
sunshine! Always...😉

:)) look at how amorchan thinks he is younger now:VV

Here's to eternal bonding 🥂


a big smile for you bro:)

More than happy that I made it to HIVE. It may not be fascinating like other social media, but we can embrace our soul here while being ourselves.

We are also more than happy to have you here:))

We're counting on you! InshaAllah you'll make it..
and we'll be there, always! 💙

thank you my friend:))

Joy Baba Sakibnath!
Sakib tumi egiye cholo,
Amra achi tomar piche!

apnar mone hote pare apni 16, kintu apni actually 30. prem e pore boyosh kome nai. act your own age!:3 @rafa-noor 30 year old kid buying chips. sambhalo unko.

If I act my own age, I'd be in a grave by now. 😒

Better not to show any fuss :3
Love you both :3

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Well, I guess you and I, we both never thought this place would lead to the treasure we never thought we were fortunate enough to behold :'))