So It's International Coffee Day

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So today is International Coffee Day. I only heard about it today. A lot of people are really addicted to coffee. An old woman close to me drinks coffee a number of times in the morning. A close friend of me always has a coffee by her side in an insulated bottle. Yes, coffee can be addictive.

There are some noted negative effects of coffee, but there are health benefits that can be gained from it too. How about me? Am I a coffee drinker? Of course I am! Addicted? No. But I do drink coffee on a daily basis.

When I was younger, I drink coffee a number of times a day despite the old folks saying I won't grow tall. Yes, my height isn't something desirable for those height-deprived. But I don't think it's because of drinking coffee.

Time came when I stopped drinking coffee, perhaps when I was in secondary school. I don't know why, I began to hate the taste. But after almost two decades, I tried drinking coffee coffee again, and began to love it again.

As in the picture, I had roasted coffee from Sagada, and I boiled the granules. I don't have coffee maker so that's my only choice, and just drain them to poor in my mug. Yes, not a small cup, but a mug. I added some muscovado sugar to taste, and it tastes so good. The aroma is also enticing.

So for the coffee lovers, time to grab a mug of coffee, and enjoy your day!

Photo is mine.


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