Calm for the Soul

in #literature10 months ago
Hello my dear Hivers. Today I want to share with you a poem that describes a bit of a stormy love full of pain, and a lot of suffering, hearts that break into a thousand pieces. But even if that moment is very hard, it is important to understand that when reciprocity does not work, the best thing is to separate and start a new journey, one that fills you with new people, projects, hopes and dreams that add more joy, happiness and above all very calm. Says so:


Calm for the Soul

In the golden sand the footprints of the two were erased
Seeing that you left without thinking
Waves that count the minutes of our goodbye
Calm sea that still cannot assimilate it.

You set sail and abandoned this anchored love
Leaving a sea of ​​love in complete solitude
Like every port that remains in your past
In these patient waters you leave only a storm.

I don't know how life stranded you here, next to me
But you decided to sail elsewhere
You leave me fragile as a snail with no shell to wear
Shipwrecking this shattered heart.

Sailor air, serene full of dew and silence
On the cold horizon I dream of you once more
Wild tide that this love kissed and sentenced
Dawn that wakes up and dies when you see that you are no longer here.

I will continue sailing even if you have drowned my life with turbulence
The bright firmament will witness my calm
Surely the moon and the stars will be my best guide
The caresses and kisses that fill my soul will return.

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