Musings of the Mind's Eye

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The muse's fortune is contrary to the definition stated in the dictionary.

The muse's fortune belongs not to the muse, but to those of which they'd choose.

Fortune may wax or wane with the passage of time ; a nickle doubled turns to a dime.

A glimmer of a shimmer of a glowing hope lives within the mind's collidoscope.

May you wonder what thunder leads to the lightning that sets the mind's eye asunder.

Forever searching without restraint for the magnificent portrait they will paint.

If fortune favors the bold, so- inspiration favors the stories which will be told.

Once more, the muse exalts on high- the seas of change to be painted by the passerby.


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Very cool. Thanks for the spot light!

Thanks for all three love on this piece and for checking out my little blog. It's pretty cool that this little poem is worth over $2 without even thinking of publishing options. I'm really enjoying this platform and the interactions. Much love and stay well!